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** AMAZING UPDATE ** Illegals!!

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****** Since making this post, everytime I post or comment on anything I am attacked and criticized because of my legal status. Well I have an amazing update! I have an interview in 2 weeks with immigration!!! I will hopefully find out then of I am approved or not to become a legal resident of the USA!! Wish me luck! ******

**** NOT every immigrant milks the system. Those assumptions are very ignorant. Believe it or not their are plenty of immigrants that do not rely on any assistance. What's sad is the American citizens that choose to make a lifestyle out PA, and refuse to work or better their situation. I see that all the time on here. I get that so many illegal immigrants here, economically is a strain, but there is a benefit as well. I also agree that all illegal immigrants should make the effort to learn the primary language, and try to become legal residents. A lot of you believe it's as easy pie to become a resident. Well it's not. It can take years to have your application even processed. Waiting, and paying a lot of money is just part of it. Not all have the money. Not all illegal immigrants come here to live off of the government. A lot come to work, and live the "American Dream" so please stop with all the ignorance, and hatred.

**** Ladies, please understand that it is NOT a requirement to become a citizen. You apply for naturalization and years later if chosen to, you can become a citizen. You only have to be a resident to be here legally ******

I was reading another post, and it seems as if a lot of you are against illegals and they should all be sent back to where they came from. Ok, but have you ever thought of how much of an impact it would make on this country with out illegals? I know not all illegals come here to work and care for their families, but for the ones that do, well we work harder than most Americans. So why is it so bad we are here? Some of us didn't have a choice to come over, and some got tired of making only $50 a week. Why are you better than us?
by on Jun. 20, 2014 at 11:28 PM
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by Gold Member on Jul. 13, 2014 at 11:28 AM
You can claim that all you want but the truth is that you should have started the process the day you turned 18 and you didn't. You stayed in my country illegally for years past 18, and are only now trying to get documented. You're a criminal and deserve to be deported or jailed.

Quoting Glitter_Shart: No, unless you have experienced it yourself you have absolutely no idea what it takes. The process is so different for each person. You may think you understand, and know about the system but all you know is what your friends have told you. That is no where near knowing what it takes.

Quoting luckystars2012: I know what it takes, I have several friends who are immigrants and have gone through the process legally. You've had plenty of time and chose not to.

Quoting Glitter_Shart: Omg... It's you again.

By now you should know my whole life story. I am getting my papers. Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean that you can just apply and the next day it happens. No, it doesn't work like that. Just recently there has been changes to help those that are young apply for legal residency. Please look up the facts of becoming a legal resident then come and state your opinion.

Quoting luckystars2012: She's had years to take the steps to become legal. I understand that kids don't always have a choice, but once they reach 18 there is no excuse for not actively pursuing citizenship. Otherwise she should leave. Actually she should have to leave anyway because she's blown off the law for so long.

Quoting Anonymous: Like op stated she didnt have the choice.......probably because her parents brought her here and over stayed their welcome. My in laws crossed the border with a visa, they also stayed when their visa dh has no choice in the matter and he was illegal until shortly after we got his two younger sisters are still illegal because the system is now harder on them and it costs a pretty penny to become legal now a days.......

Quoting luckystars2012: Uhh because we are legal, either by birth or naturalization. You don't deserve to be here if you couldn't be bothered to do it the legal way.
by Anonymous 71 on Jul. 13, 2014 at 11:29 AM
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I know Americans that work harder then any mooching lazy ass immigrant. Go back from the hell hole you came from.
by Angie on Jul. 13, 2014 at 11:43 AM

Making $50 a week in your own country hardly translates to you ripping the US off.  Fix your own governments. The nationals in these countries need to assume part of the responsibility for allowing their way of life in becoming so abysmal.  Sitting around whining -- yet somehow still adding to the population is ignorant stupidity. Also when you know more about skirting the legalities of the government of a forigein country than paying attention to your own, that's a problem.   Plotting ways to bilk the US is hardly a constructive solution to the betterment of your lives.  I admire those who stand up, confront their problems and help themselves.  There is no pride or dignity in throwing yourselves on the burden of others.  Stop it.  

by Silver Member on Jul. 13, 2014 at 12:13 PM
Your comment here in my mind was a better approach (at least to me) I agree with you there are a lot of people who hate illegal people. I also think that is I said in my other comment we know people who are illegal 1/2 of my daughters friends are kids I work at school
Are. For me it is not about hate because that is just not the case. It is about the fact that we as a County can not sustain this....take real time and look at all of the money that our country pays in food stamps,housing, kids in foster care, social security, disability and veteran 's pay and these are only some of the big name items. I am not applying this to only illegal's but US as well. I tried to find the article I say a while back..I am sorry I can not. If I remember correctly it was 1.1 trillion dollars a year on 83 intitlements..... This is not sustainable for our country. It would be better to help with foreign aid then being everyone here.

I take back the troll comment - because it seems in your last comment you made valid points. It's hard for me to just read a blast statement and not see it as looking for an argument.
I do feel for these people ...they should be helped but not in our country in theirs.

Quoting Glitter_Shart: I am not going to argue with you because you calling Troll. It's very dumb. I don't see how this topic is baiting people though. Most everyone in this post hates illegals, and have all the same argument about them, and frankly it's very sad. So I'm not sure what you mean by this post is baiting people and not meant for good discussion.

Quoting jen1130: My 12 year old can come up with a better educated response then whatever.....

I feel this topic is baiting people. I don't feel it was intended to be a good discussion.

I may be way off from what most people think. I just don't like it when people do these topics with the attitude that there are not 2 sides to this kind of thing. 1 people are suffering ( both sides of the boarder)
2 we can not afford this any more in the US!!!!
3 it is illegal

When you take your kid or kids to walmart...and someone is outside giving away free puppies.....why don't you bring home all 10 of them???? Even if they are sweet and all the things you love about these 10 little puppies... Are you seeing the cost involved...shots, vet visits, obedience traing, food and dishes. Ok this is the state of our Country the people for the most part are not bad...but we can not afford them.....I am not saying don't offer some kind of help but not in the way if fully taking in the responsibility.

I am not call illegal people dogs- just putting in simple terms.

Quoting Glitter_Shart: Lol, I guess. Whatever you say! Haha

Quoting jen1130: It fits

Quoting Glitter_Shart: And why are you calling troll?

Quoting jen1130: This is a bunch of crap....more troll stuff.

I do know people who are illegal..some are kid some are adults. The kids did nothing wrong.
How ever the cost to educate medicate and all other financial burden on this country is crazy!

I agree many illegal will work very hard but they get paid in cash or use stolen SS#'s and we still pay for all of their needs.

They are also getting taken advantage of because they are not paid the wages they should be.

by Gold Member on Aug. 4, 2014 at 3:35 PM
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