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Allergy/Food Claims Making Things Complicated

Posted by on Jun. 29, 2014 at 12:24 PM
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We always host BBQs over summer.  Almost every Saturday, in fact.

We have one friend who is allergic to mushrooms.  I have never seen him eat a raw mushroom.  Once he accidentally helped himself to a crockpot meatloaf with mushrooms in it, but it didn't react.  Apparently when cooked well enough it breaks down what he is allergic to, thank God!  I thought I'd killed him when I walked in to see him eating it.  But even still, he won't knowingly eat foods with cooked mushrooms just to be safe.

I have another friend allergic to garlic and onion.  He'll eat garlic bread from pizza places.  Or marinara I've made with both garlic and onion.  But he was jokingly upset that all the kabobs had touched onions, even though some were onion free they ended up stacked on the platter.  Not really upset, but as a good hostess I felt bad regardless.

His girlfriend recently became allergic to shellfish.  She's already been allergic to a million other things, so they did an allergy test and apparently shellfish popped up.  I don't know her very well, so I felt bad there.  Thankfully DH was also making burgers that she could eat.  She's brought her own foods a few times to be safe, though.

Then my cousin can't eat anything with a bone in it, or in the case of shrimp with a tail on.  It's been a life-long problem for her, so I peel the tails off or buy boneless meat specifically for her.  I know she's tried to overcome it, but it is what it is.

DS' best friend has a peanut allergy, so I have to be careful for him when his family comes.

Then you factor in diets people are on, one set of friends won't eat any processed foods, and on and on.

It's just starting to drive me a little crazy.  I want to be a good hostess and have something for everyone, but now I'm starting to not want to bother.  

I'm really tempted to just make it a potluck event.  I enjoy our friends and having everyone over, and I'm afraid if it becomes a potluck fewer will come.  But it's wearing me out when it used to be so much fun.  I'm not mad at anyone, it's just every time now something pops up that someone can't eat, and I worked so hard to put together the menu only to find out something is "wrong" again.

by on Jun. 29, 2014 at 12:24 PM
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