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Toxic mother in law and money.

Posted by Anonymous
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I am almost nearly ready to stop communicating with my mother in law. Since I got pregnant with my husbands and I second child she has brought up "being poor" and "being broke" nearly every single conversation in the past two years. Thankfully we have been blessed and have not had a lot of hardships. Unfortunately, when hours were cut and now they're back up we did have a few hardships, but we did have savings and we have some left.

She told me this morning, "You don't have 54.00 to spend on your son's shoes. I never spent that much money on my kids shoes when they were growing up."

MMkay. Lady. I don't like wal-mart shoes for my son or Target because i'll go thru TWICE as many pairs (and trust me..i've tried doing it!) and spent twice as much on shoes if I didn't buy new balence, or whatever else brand my local shoe store has that my son likes.

Plus, light up shoes last a month in our house and then my 5 year old refuses to wear them.

I do not get her obession with our money. At all. Ever.

Not to mention my husband WILL not speak about our fiances with her. Ever.

Also, she is a millionaire by inheritance. So maybe this has something to do with her obession with our money?

Both of us have inheritences and trusts coming to us thankfully and our children have trusts and savings.

So honestly..I don't get her obession with her bringing up fiancnes with me every single time we chat!

I also bring in 1 - 2 K a month from birth work.

So. I am about to break off phone conversations with her. all together. We're already not visiting her this Christmas. I can't handle his family anymore. I did extend the offer of her visiting us during my son's thanksigiving break from school.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 23, 2014 at 1:39 PM
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