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I am to my ends with DH

Posted by Anonymous
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I know that DH is getting frustrated but all fucking week he has went off on me, cussed me out and called me names. I am fucking done this shit and about to go to jail, I have 2 kids by him and he doesn't care about them.


So you will understand more, it started 3 weeks ago when I quit my job. I don't understand why would he care now, he never wanted me to work in the first place. The reason why I quit was because I told him I don't care what coworkers says but his mother kept it going. I tried to go to human resources to solve the issues and they didn't want to do anything about it. Now he is saying CPS will take the kids because I don't have a job, he don't even have a job. He gets SSI and social security, his dd get SSI and my autistic ds gets SSI. I told him if he doesn't like it then tell his damn mother to fucking quit telling me what that coworker says!!!! I know it is dumb and stupid that I quit because of that but now I don't hear anything about that coworker.

That's the first issue, the second issue is my DS. He has autism and he gets freaked when I leave his sight for 10 minutes. DH and I rarely smend anytime with each other and we both are frustrated but I can handle the frustration I have. This morning around 4 or 5 DS came in our bed and when DH got up, he wanted sex. DS was still sleeping but when DH moved he woke up. Now he went off on me saying shit. I am so fucking done.

Here is the thing, my parent moved to Oklahoma, after school was out DS went down there for a month. I picked him up July 1st, then I dropped my DD off for a month, I am picking her up August 1st. DH said, "this wouldn't happen if your parents took them both at the sametime." I have tried while I was down there. How he is saying it, he don't want to be a father anymore(well, to the little ones) I told him, being a parent is an everyday thing, you don't get breaks or anything like that. What would you do if you was a single father? His response, "I could do it by myself if i had too." WTF? Are you for real but you can't fucking do it now? All of a sudden you need a fucking break? I didn't get a fucking break for the kids since they was born, unless I found a family member to take them for a few hours. Grow the fuck up and be a father. If you didn't want to be a fucking father, then you should of thought about it before you had kids!!! He said, "when you was working at least you got out for 8 hours." Dumb fuck, to support the household. If it was a problem why didn't he get a fucking job? It don't make any sense, to me he is done with being a father and he wants a way out.


I know this may not make sense but this is venting and I needed the venting.

I told him if it don't stop I will stay in Oklahoma and never look back!!!

Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 25, 2014 at 11:49 AM
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