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you've been served!

Posted by on Jul. 25, 2014 at 1:54 PM
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I am currently helping my aunt with her seperation with he husband, who packed up and moved 5 hours away about 2 years ago or so no. She is just finally starting to go threw with the legal process because she always felt hope that he was going to come home, or she would move there with him. When he moved he said he was moving there for work because he recently just lost his job and was in need of work. OKay well that is realistic and could believe that. What she really didnt know was that he moved away for another WOmen!...  His guy left behind 3 teenagers and a grand baby that was still living at home. Not only did he leave them behind with over due bills, but they had to claim bankurpt, and all this mess started because he had a gambling problem and stole money from my aunt when he moved away. My aunt had borrowed 4000 from her son who is fairly well off for his age, and his dad had stolen that money also. (he still had access to the bank account i guess). Now that my aunt has come to terms that he is not coming back, and he is no good for the family she asked me to serve him with the court papers because she couldnt afford to hire anyone, and with the line of work I am in I am some what familiar with the process. When I handed him the court papers he looked at me as if I was the DEVIL! Haha he was not impressed, but really who would? He then texted my cousin stating that he was going to disown all of them, and he did not consider them family anymore. (really you left them here to deal with all your bullshit, they should be disowning you as a father),

Anyways now that the court date is here my cousin is now on her dads side, and will not allow her mom to have any text messsages or emails he sent stating that he owes her money. Im confused! he left you, said hes disowning you, but now your taking his side? I now have to help my aunt write a speech about why she is entitled to this money. Not that I mind helping her shes not very good with words or public speaking, and I think she is entitled to money why should she have to clear up your mess!?

I feel bad for this women, not only was in in denial for 2 years that her marriage was over, but not her daughter is taking her fathers side when he left her with nothing? I mean I personally would not even wanna be between this mess if this was my parents. 

Opinions anyone? What do you think? This poor women right? 



by on Jul. 25, 2014 at 1:54 PM
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