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Emotional Roller Coaster

Posted by Anonymous
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I can't sleep.
This week was an emotional roller coaster.

We had problems with the kids. One was ironed out, phew! He's not autistic. Just really smart, shy and sensitive. Our teen is still seemingly nearly agoraphobic. My dh went off his anxiety meds - with the help of his doc - and ended up in the ER last week with a panic attack. Our property taxes suddenly increased and now our mortgage is $400 more PER MONTH  than previously. I can't work, my youngest won't be in K until another 2 years..I haven't worked in so long, I'll never earn enough to pay for daycare for two kids. We are living hand to mouth and just scraping by with my dh working 10 hour days 6 days per week and now this! My car is a 2003 and starting to sound generally clunky...and my dh's will be paid off soon which statistically always turns out to be the time the car will crap out. My oven's not working and I can't afford a new one but at least we have the microwave and grill. My teen dd is asking me for something that's not necessities. With my dh's work schedule and anxiety I never get a break, I am freakin over tired. We can't afford a vacation this year and I cringe, as my dh grumbles, every time I spend money on tiny local day trips. What am I supposed to do for the summer? We take advantage of all the parks, etc. that are free.

It's overwhelming. Truly. If only that mortgage could go back to what it was!

I'll cope. I always do. It just all sucks.

Not that it's "fun" per se, but one of the things we're doing to enrich ourselves despite all this is to start going to church again. Unfortunately I don't think I'll wake that easilly 5 hours from now to make it to an arly summer service. Not if I can't sleep. ughhh

Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 27, 2014 at 2:16 AM
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