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Hmm... I found A Used Condom In My Dryer!

Posted by Anonymous
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So I have had a neighbor friend that is a female her and her kids and myself and her got close. Well it started to where she would stay late n then finally go home. Then it ended up to her n her kids staying the night on the couch. Her n my husband even got comfortable round each other. Then it escaladed to where she was bragging about her foot rubs so my husband loves his feet rubbed and I hated doing it. So I said why not no hurt n this I'm around. Then it got to b joking around with one another and then she would text him photos of her vagina however I did know about it but just thought after being with my husband for 14 years that it would spice things up n our marriage But NEVER did I want any sexual things to happen. So I sent a picture of his penis to her for fun in a playing way but he kept asking me if I was going to do it or not. My husband is very flirty and LOVES sex but I've never imagined him being with anybody else other than me. He always tells me I'm hot n he loves me n would NEVER CHEAT! BUT then I started to get skeptical of this outcome I felt like I started this and its going to escalate to him having sexual tendencies for my friend he enjoyed n looked to his foot rubs every night she was in our home day n night n overnight but then I told him I felt like this was too much I want it to stop but he still got the foot rubs it would b her n him on our couch n I would have to sit in our chair then he would flirt with her more often text n and person. Then one day my niece got sick and I had to leave to go to the hospital and she wanted to stay at my house to watch TV n relax with her 1year old daughter so I was thinking nothing harmless. But then come to find out that he got back home shortly after I left to go the hospital however he told me to wait he would come with but I was impatient n left. So I'm up there and my niece gets released so I was gone with our 2 boys for about 2 hours. I come home he's n the recliner she's on the couch watching TV. So then I ask him what have you guys been doing did you get any foot rubs while I was gone? I was praying he would say no but he said yea she gave me one for about 15min n that was it. Do by that point I was wondering n the back of my mind. So then that happened on a Friday and Saturday we left for a family trip n my friend left to her family's house for the weekend. So then another text comes in and it's a picture of her in some jeans and he says your booty looks good in those and your beautiful. I barely get complimented. So then Sunday eve we come home I start throwing laundry in the wash n the next day I was drying it and opened my dryer in here's a used opened condom n my dryer. We haven't used condoms in like 4mos. So I automatically confronted him n he immediately turns it into joke then calls my friend joking about it so she starts laughing and I'm here lost like wtf... where the hell this comes from. So then they said I'm crazy for even thinking that and then he said it was proberly ours from 3-4months ago. Remind u I'm a clean freak n do laundry a lot n never found a condom n 14 years. So then he comes up with the good old story it must have popped up from the washer on the inside n was stuck. Which then I'm pissed n was thinking u think I'm stupid then she says oh well my friend which is a male she says it may came out of his pants that I washed there 2weeks ago. I'm like really? Most friends would b like girl u better investigate his ass! She was total opposite so then I was called crazy n he would never touch her nasty ass she's been around n etc. So I still have an unanswered question where did this condom come from? Deep down n my gut I know something happened I can feel it won't leave my head I'm depressed deeply every time I ask him he yells n starts acting crazy with me n wants me to stop accusing him for something he did not do. So then after we r fighting every night for at least 3days straight she still sticks around n stats the night when she knows I'm accusing her. She makes up excuses about the condom and then sometimes she says she would b worried not to mention when she got back to town later that day of me asking her about it she runs over to her house where my hubby was doing some work for her sister and asks him so does she still think its our condom? & then comes straight back here n says I hope u don't think I would do that. But I really truly do its like I don't want to believe it. So I investigate more to find out that he was texting sexual jokes to his co worker women n they have all been deleted other than the work related text so that happened for a year straight n then I find out a cleaning girl he text also just joking around with her to. He says. We let each other joke around n I thought we was close n had had good relationship n even his friends always said they wish they had a girlfriend as cool as me. But I NEVER have had a guy text me or me text another guy or his friends joking around about sex jokes. So now I'm desperately of n need of advice n what to do. I'm tore n heartbroken if I even bring it up he's getting defensive and leaves); can someone please give me advise. Then I'm thinking it's my fault because I let him act that way and let another women n our home with only knowing her for a few months. Thanks for all the advise I'm open for opinions


Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:01 PM
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by Anonymous 2 on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:01 PM

Too long, but here's a bump.

by on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:03 PM

OMG, way too long, bump for ya though.

by Platinum Member on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:03 PM
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Holy paragraphs, Batman. 

I'm a snarky bitch...I would take it and hand it to her, tell her it's all washed and dried and ready for the next time she wants to fuck my DH and see what she says.

This is assuming you don't have any children in the house of the appropriate age who might have forgotten a condom in their pocket. 

by Fountain.Pirate on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:04 PM
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 Congratulations, your dryer has reached the age of sexual maturity.

Also, there's no way a used condom went through the wash and came out looking like that.

by Not-a-felony on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:05 PM
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It's a damned post/not a fucking novel! Tldr..but that condom in the pic is hardly "USED".
by No. on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:06 PM
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Way too much drama packed into 3 sentences.
by Anonymous 3 on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:06 PM
He cheated. Plain and simple.
by Fountain.Pirate on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:06 PM
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 LMAO I love books, but even I didn't read that novella

Quoting Missdameanor: It's a damned post/not a fucking novel! Tldr..but that condom in the pic is hardly "USED".


by Anonymous 4 on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:06 PM
You started this mess. That "friend" has got to go... Maybe your dh too.
by on Aug. 10, 2014 at 4:07 PM
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This is pure fuckery and way too damn long...
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