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just need to vent

Posted by Anonymous
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I receive food stamps. It helps out a lot, esp since I'm not working. I feel like everything is a catch 22.

I want to work but I can't find a sitter. Daycare assistance? Gotta have a job first. I can't even go on an interview bc I have no one to watch ds. I've even gone on CL, hoping someone could watch him for free, or barter for the interviews/until I get paid. No luck so far.

I live with my dad. When I first filed for fs, they accepted me, as long as I got either his income info or a letter stating we don't make meals together.... he refuses to give either and now, they cut me off. Idk what I'm gonna do. I won't lie, that month of fs was a heaven send. Actual food- chicken, fresh veggies, etc. Its been a week now and everything is gone. Its back to ramon noodles and spaghetti for dinner. Lunch is left overs from last night. Breakfast, I probably have a few more meals from the quarker oatmeal, but nothing to go with it (like bananas). I don't eat breakfast but ds does.

I'm sad. They're opening a new store close by and I really want to put my application in, but I can't really start until either school for ds, or I find that sitter.

It'll be easier with ds in school since he'll have better lunches there... well, food in general.

In a few weeks, I'm going to some work force thing. It's actually just a nutrition class, but its supposed to go with the fs program. I plan on seeing if they could direct me to something too, like an actual work force or something that'd help with figuring out about childcare, etc. Hopefully they don't kick me out since I'm not technically receiving fs.

And no, my dad won't watch ds. The fact he's letting us stay here is a lot and it means everything to me. I just wish he'd buy more than frozen pizza, frozen lasagna, frozen burritos, and junk cereal. But I will say he does keep the milk and bread in stock.

What's really stupid, if ds's dad actually paid cs we wouldn't need fs. The fs I received was half of what is owed to ds. I could use some of that for food, the rest for a sitter until I found employment.

Ok. I'm done venting and feeling sorry for myself. Thanks.
Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 10, 2014 at 5:55 PM
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