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I'm tired of BM drama. I can't stop crying

Posted by Anonymous
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My DH has the craziest baby mommy on earth. They have one child together but she's special needs. She has downs syndrome and some other stuff (it's a long list i'm not trying to sound ignorant) she's in a wheel chair and on oxygen. But she's the prettiest, brightest and most sweet little angel on the planet. 

Birth mom is trying to get a restraining order against me because I was burning incense in the house with DSS inside. Here's the thing I was NOT burning incense when DSd is around I take it seriously I would never! I'm a smoker but I won't even smoke when she is in the house because she's on oxygen. I also don't even smoke before I get home if I know she's going to be there because she seems to be sensitive to the smoke that stays in my clothes. I have a completely separate drawer of clothing to wear around her. 

BM is also mad at me because I had a friend make a doll for her that had Downs syndrome. My BFF is a doll maker she made her a gorgeous porcelain doll that looks just like DSd. DSd loves it. 

BM and I have gotten into a screaming match last year because DSd might have Down's but she's not "retarded" she's actually really smart, DSd is 14 years old and loves to read. I bought her a kindle because it's easier for her to hold she wanted to read "The Walking Dead" comics so I bought her the first 12 issues. She also wanted to read Stephen King so I bought her a few Stephen King books for kindle as well. BM flipped out said that DSd has a mental age of 4 and that I'm hurting her by exposing her to such things. 

I"m so mad. I can't have any children, DSd is it for me. I don't think she's going to win in court for the restraining order because I never burned incense and I have witnesses. Even DSd can contest to it. (Although i wouldn't want to drag her to court) I will be devastated if DSd is taken from me. She's the light of my life! 

BM is such a bitch! I'm so angry with her, she's always coming up with a new reason i'm bad. Last week she accused me of interrupting her biweekly child support payments. When in reality there was a bank error that we got fixed with in 24 hrs. She should be happy that DH doesn't just pay childsupport she lives for free in an apartment that MY FAMILY OWNS! I gave her the apartment so she would be closer to DSd school and so the courts would lower DH's child support payment from $4000 a month to $2500 a month (broken up in two bi weekly payments) Sure DH makes really good money with his business but she doesn't work her mother lives with them and is paid by the state to help care for DSd and DSd is with us 3 days a week she could get a job, i'm just saying. She could also grow up and realize that our daughter has a lot of people that love her and we can all get along, that's all I ever wanted and now I may lose DSd! 

I can't stop crying! 

Sorry I posted DSS but I meant DSD i'm just so angry and sad I can't even type right 

Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 10, 2014 at 10:07 PM
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