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Do you think this was wrong?

Posted by Anonymous
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Long story, but last week I helped out a mom, of 4 kids, get her van back after being repossed.

She had taken out a loan on the van at one of those car title loan places (that I think should be ILLEGAL!!!)

The total amount she had to pay over $800 to get it back. If she did not have it within a few days she would have LOST IT FOREVER and it would have been auctioned off. She had already paid about $400 of the loan after it got reposses (she does work and was able to get rides to work, she is also married btw BUT HER HUSBAND DOES NOT HAVE A CAR EITHER, so it is there ONLY car), so she paid $400, I paid the other $400, and then I also paid the auction place that was holding the vehicle $35. 

If she had ended up losing her car forever, she would have not only lost the vehicle she would have also lost $400 in the payments that she had already made.

She really needed her van back to not only get to work but also to pi ck up her kids in case they got isck etc. Last week one kid got sick and she couldn't come up to school to get him.

I told her to keep it anonymous.

Well I know her because she grew up in foster care, and I worked in one of the group homes that she was in.  (I am 15 years older than her)

Well although she kept in anonymous somehow another former staff member from the group home found out about it and assumed I was the one that helped her get it back. Or maybe she just told her, I don't know.

But anyway, this person says I should HAVE NOT HELPED HER becuse she needed to "learn her lesson". 


Now if it happens again I will not help her, but was it wrong to help her this one time? I am not going to do this again. 

Posted by Anonymous on Sep. 23, 2014 at 5:26 PM
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