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I need to vent

Posted by on Nov. 24, 2014 at 12:24 AM
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I'm just so angry and depressed. It started after my last daughter was born. I twisted my body during the pushing process, and it really messed me up. I limped home from the hospital and now, 3 1/2 months later, still limping. I never returned to work because the pain in the back of my hip becomes unbearable when I'm standing, climbing stairs, or walking. My doctor wrote me a script for physical therapy, and I went, only to find that out of 3 therapist there, I get the one who doesn't specialize with back and hip pain. She evaluated me and put me through mechanical traction. After the 3rd treatment, I started asking if I couldn't get the traction anymore. After my traction therapy, I had excrusiating pain in my pelvis and back of my hips. When I told the therapist, She said, "You need to feel pain before you get better." I also told her that I was having trouble with my bladder. I have urgency when I'm sitting and it lessens when I stand. When I had my first MRI it revealed two bulging disc and unclear inflamation in the sacroilliac joints. The therapist tells me I need more traction. I saw the orthopedic doctor and she reviewed my MRI. She said to stop traction immediately. It's making it worse by pulling my sacroilliac joints and inflamming them. Tomorrow I have to get my second MRI to see what is exactly wrong with my joints.

During all of this, I've been staying in contact with my job. I left 2 weeks before my daughter's birth because of depression, stress, gestational diabetes, and the fetal birth weight of over 8 pounds. I was supposed to return to work Oct 20. The office manager let it slide because the clinic I was working at was closing Oct 31. After my appointment with the orthopedic doctor on Nov 6, she wrote a note for me not to return to work at all until another evaluation. The office manager said she could no longer hold my job and it will be posted. Friday night, on indeed.com, I saw my position posted. So I have nothing to return to.

After my orthopedic appointment, I went Women's Health to have the Mirena placed. That was Nov 6. I haven't stopped bleeding yet. I've gained 10 pounds since that appointment, my depression has gotten worse to the point I zone out and can't understand anything. I'm having pelvic pain, but have no ideal if it's the mirena or the sacroilliac joint pain, since it can cause pain in the pelvis. I'm thinking it's best if I remove it but I'm back at square one with birth control.

Since I've been off, my husband picked up a second job to help with the bills. He was working with the city to pick up compost during the day and Meijer stocking midnights on the weekend. He started Oct 6 and Oct 28 he fell of the truck. He hasn't been able to move his right arm since. He had an MRI of his shoulder and they found a tear in the front and back of his shoulder. He needs surgery. Workman's Comp will pay him a portion of his income to the end of the assignment and he's trying to get disability from Meijer.  So right now he hasn't received a check. So we are struggling. My rent has been late twice and, since my husband was paying the heat bill, I don't know how that's getting paid. I applied for food stamps, and still waiting for a response.

I needed to get this out.

by on Nov. 24, 2014 at 12:24 AM
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