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People are Looking for Problems

Posted by Anonymous
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This kind of bugs me a bit.  There are too many people in this world that find happiness at the wrong time.

I really do need to vent about this.  Not too soon after finding out we were pregnant, my husband and I went for a camping trip with some friends of his.  These friends are not very fond of me but I am still polite to them anyway.

So, I wake up in the morning before anyone else and I see the fire is still on.  No one is around.  Why is the fire still on while everyone else is asleep?  That's not good.  So I put it out.

Well, the woman comes out of her tent and sees the fire out.  Does she even bother saying, "Good morning"? No.  First words out of her mouth were: "Why did you put the fire out?  Now we can't roast weiners like we planned on doing last night!"  Now, I went to sleep kind of early that night so I was obviously not around for that conversation.  So how was I supposed to know that they were planning that?  And besides, I had put the fire out.  I didn't stop it from being re-lit.

Anyway....after my husband woke up, she complained to him about how his wife ruined their morning.  I love my husband though.  He looked at her and put her in her place that morning really quickly!

My husband really likes survival anything.  He looked at this woman and chewed her out for not putting the fire out before she went to bed.  He went to bed before she did so he had asked her to put it out before she went to sleep so when he wakes up to her yelling at me for following camp safety, he gets mad at her and chews her out while he thanks me for putting it out for them.

Then, later when my husband and I are leaving together, he tells me that I did nothing wrong.  I did everything right and that lady just wanted to complain.  He then told me how they had called the grandparents of their kids to pick the kids up and let them have some time just together so he joked about how she just woke up and wanted to chew someone out and I fell victim.  We laughed.

Cause yeah, she's not a nice lady.  This woman likes to complain about everything: even if it's from the past, she still brings it up at random moments and leaves everything feeling awkward.  If things are all happy and peaceful, she is not happy being peaceful.  That's her problem.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 12, 2014 at 11:08 AM
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