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Christmas Vent

Posted by Anonymous
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I just feel the need to vent right now and can't do it anywhere but here. I'm starting to feel as if my dh's family puts little to no thought into the gifts that they get for our dds. This is getting to me because we put a lot of thought into what we get every one of their kids. We spend a lot of time shopping for them picking out something that seems just right for each one of them. Taking into accunt their ages and intrests, and the differnt levels the kids are on to make sure we don't get something that is ethier to young or to old for them.

It's just really starting to feel like they don't do the same for our girls. Every year all the moms talk and exchage gift ideas for their kids we give their intrests and sizes and what not as to make the shopping for each child. So it's not like they have no ideas. Yet every year we get things that the girls don't use or play with.

I just don't get it. I'm really not being materalistic or anything I'm not expecting them to spend tons of money, this is not about the amount spent. It's about the thought that's put into the gift itself.

For expamel my older dd (12) was given a cake pop kit, not one of thoes makers where you pour the cake mix in and it bakes them. No it's some weird plastic kit that you have to bake the cake first and then make the pops. Which yeah I guess is kind of cool but not something she's into. Younger dd (2, almost 3) was given a cheerleader Minnie Mouse it's cute but she doesn't even like minnie mouse.

I don't say anything to any of them because I don't want to come off as a bitch. And I don't say  anything to dh because he doesn't seem to get it.

So bash if you must, maybe I am a bitch but I really wish they would put some thought into these gifts.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 25, 2014 at 6:20 PM
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