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What's In a Name

Posted by Anonymous
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I have two middle names.  I am Italian.  My husband first warned me a while back that giving our daughter two middle names like her mother has would not fit well with my father-in-law.

My father-in-law does not like Mexicans.  He just doesn't.  So on Christmas morning, he and I were sitting at his church before it started talking and having fun as we made jokes about the zombie apocalypse.

He wanted to know what our daughter's name would be which I told him "Ella" and then he asked what her full name would be so I repeated "Ella Anya Linnea G----" and he made some snarky remark about our daughter being Mexican if she has two middle names.

I looked at him funny and told him that I have two middle names too.  He laughed and said that this was because I was Italian.  It isn't actually.  I have two middle names because my dad wanted my middle name to be Marie like my grandmother's and my mom wanted my frist name to start with a B (she didn't want my first two initials to be BM) so she compromised with my dad by adding Lynne before Marie.

I love having two middle names.  Makes me feel special.  So having my father-in-law get upset with our daughter for having two middle names upset me.

I vented about this to my husband a day or so ago and he got mad at his dad.  I really didn't want him to get so mad at his dad about something that really wasn't too important but aparently it really bothered my husband that my father-in-law would actually tell me something like that about his grand daughter (and about me).

My husband took his father's opinion too seriously but his father should not have said that to me in the first place, this is true.  Since it was said, and since I was hurt by it I do appreciate my husband being so loving to me about this choice we have made.  I just feel bad for telling him that his father hurt me in the first place.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 6, 2015 at 11:39 AM
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