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we'll never see that money again.

Posted by Anonymous
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last month my father asked to bum some money so he could pay his electric. no problem. his wife recently left him and while i dont know the details, i felt bad. i didnt and still dont know if she took a lot of money before leaving or if he just sucks at money managing...idk.

he wrote us a post dated check and said it would be good on the 5th. we didnt go into town yesterday but knew we were going in today and so i asked if he needed anything. his car is currently in the shop so i thought we'd be nice. he gave us his bank card and a short list of things he needed. dog food, a few basics for the pantry, some toiletries. nothing major. We get to the store, i get everything on his list, check out. CARD DECLINED. I called him to make sure i ran it correctly and he said i did. (he runs it as credit because hes charged if it runs as debit). i explained it wasnt working but it wouldnt tell us why (it didnt say insufficient funds or anything like that. just said declined). he said to try debit. so i did. i entered the pin. DECLINED. 

he said "fine ill just do without." and hung up on me. i was trying to tell him id just cover it. it was under $100. i assumed there was just something wrong with his account and it wasnt a big deal to cover it until he figured it out. i also decided not to deposit his check until he worked out whatever issue it was that way i couldnt get in trouble for a bounced check to my account. 

so i go to his house and give him his card back and his groceries. i asked him to let me know when he knew something on his account so i could deposit his check and he snapped that his account was $500+ in the hole and he didnt know how hed get it current again. i told him it was fine, id wait. told him to just worry about getting his finances in order then wed talk about him making payments back to me for his electric bill but i wasnt worried about the groceries (electric bill was several hundred and i took it from my savings account. where as the groceries wouldnt make much of a difference for us financially and i had that as "extra" in my bank account). he said thanks and he appreciates it.

an hour later he calls me upset because he forgot about his car in the shop and they called saying it was ready. now he owes for labor, parts, whatever it is they did to it and he doesnt have the money. he asked me for another "loan".

ive come to the realization ill never see any of this money again. "If you give a mouse a cookie....hell empty your bank account (or try to)" 

/end rant

and just to be clear im not complaining because helping him will put us in the hole. it wont. i wouldnt do that to myself or my family. ill always make sure our finances are in order before loaning money, and i know when loaning the money that loaning to family is not a good idea, and i may never get it back. im just ranting that it snowballed and started out as money just being tight for him (as he described it) from what i assumed was because of his seperation, to now 24 hours after he got paid, his account is already over $500 in the ngeative. and thats with me loaning him money and paying for things he needs. 

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 6, 2015 at 6:34 PM
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