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Three Weight Loss Clubs/Activities

Posted by Anonymous
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We have some new employees at work. They are all lovely people and also very fit, athletic, skinny women. However, the new people have partnered with the management and they are now having three different weight loss clubs/programs. The first one was a fitness club. They work out together after work. Cool.The second one was a healthy eating club. They trade recipes and cook in bulk. Awesome. The third one was introduced today and it is a Biggest Loser Challenge. If you want to participate, you must sign an oath stating the following:

1. You have not had gastric bypass, lap band, etc. ("I have not had gastric bypass or any other surgery to synthetically alter my ability to lose weight).
2. You do not take weight loss mediations, not even Garcinia Gambidia (Not that I take it, but it specified). ("I do not take weight loss enhancement medications or anything that would give me an unfair advantage)
3. You do not purge (vomit, like bulimia). ("I will not engage in bulimic behaviors or any behaviors that give me an unfair advantage).
4. You must eat lunch at work. ("I eat lunch at work and do not skip meals")
5. You are not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. ("I understand that losing weight while pregnant or trying to get pregnant may be dangerous to our health and will not participate if I am in this position.)

Now, it isn't that I think the oath is a bad thing. They have set it up to where you pay $1 for every pound gained. However, there are several people at our jobs who have had the lapband/gastric bypass. For some of them, it has worked. Others have lost and gained it back. A few of them were talking in the lounge today and they were saying they thought the wording of the oath was offensive because it seemed like it targeted specific people and their habits. Even more specifically, we have several men who do not eat lunch because they say it makes them not hungry come dinner time and that pisses off their wives (lol).

Another employee said they did not have a problem with the oath but rather the fact that these are three new employees who all happen to be very fit and athletic and the employee felt they were looking down on the rest of the employees.

I'm pregnant so I can't participate.

So anyway, what do you think?
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 4, 2015 at 7:32 PM
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