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Mother's Day drama ALREADY

Posted by Anonymous
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Yeah. So, little back-story.

My parents divorced when I was 12, my mother got custody, my father moved to a different state. She got a new boyfriend and he was abusive to her (never to me, thank God for the small things) but my Grandmother was having none of that and told my mom that if she ever wanted to leave him she was welcome to come live with her, but that she was not going to let me stay there. So I moved in with my Grandma and stayed there until I graduated HS. Mother's boyfriend controlled and alienated her, and I only saw her at Christmases. I am now 31 and she is still with him.

My Grandpa has recently had to be moved to an assisted living center because of his Alzheimer's and since then I guess the BF has loosened the rope a little because my mother has been visiting my Grandma. 

DD stayed there Sunday night to last night because of Spring Break and when I picked her up my mother was there. I asked if she would be around on Mother's Day, she said she would have to check with the BF.

She then asked me what I got Grandma and since I bought it on Amazon I pulled it up on my phone and showed her.

DD9 said something along the lines of "see, its got 3 stones, one for each of Granny's kids" and my mother FLIPPED. Yelling that Grandma only has 2 children, asking what kind of lies we have been telling DD, and how awful I was for "disowning" her, that I needed to remember "my place".

We have never lied to DD. I call her Grandma. She called her Granny. She knows that Grandma R is my mother. 

I mean, I get it, she majorly screwed up her life, screwed up her family and is obviously still on pain over that but that is NOT MY FAULT. It's her's. The relationship we have is a result of HER choices. 

I guess I just needed to type it all out. If you made it this far, thanks. 

Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 10, 2015 at 8:14 AM
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