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SIL issues

Posted by on May. 5, 2015 at 4:58 AM
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Since my husband and I have been together my SIL has been so mean and cruel, last night my husband and I got into a huge fight over things she told him that were a lie. First off she told him that she and the other moms in the family invited me on play dates and that I declined which was a lie. They have not ever invited me to do anything with them, and not one of his brothers, sister, or cousins all with growing family's like us have called us for an individual play date outside of birthday parties or holidays.

My SIL also accused me of being rude, yelling at our kids, and throwing things around, when she had a headache while visiting My MIL and FIL to see the kids. She also said they were too loud. When in fact the kids were sitting at the table eating, one of the kids got a little fussy so I picked them up, and tried soothing them while my other child finished eating. She kept asking me to leave with the kids, but her other niece and nephew were there, and she didn't say a word about them being too loud or asking their mom to get out.

When she got sick I sent a very heartfelt prayer out for her, and am accused of the prayer request being mean.

Let's start at the very beginning now:
While I was 110 pounds she called me overweight, said I was ugly without makeup, and tried to break up my husband and I while we were dating.... It didn't work cause we are married.

2. She asked her other brothers wife who had only been around for 1 year to be in her wedding, and didn't ask me to be in it when I had been around for 5 years.

3. She chewed me out over not telling anyone we got a dog on my DH and my property the day we bought our house.

4. Before my DH and my 1st child was born my SIL asked if we would go over for a family gathering, I was a week away from having the baby, my DH declined because we both had things to do before baby was brought home.
And the day before I went into the hospital my SIL left me a very nasty message accusing me of keeping my DH away from his family, he only missed one get together that year to help prepare for baby.

When I offered to help with her baby shower she declined, so I said I would come to the shower, but got the hint she was happy with what she wanted, and I was opting out of helping anymore. She was very upset I opted out, and upset I was just going to be a guest, but didn't want my help in any way. She threatened to harass my family.

She's also been very mean when I told her my children had cavities, I feel so horible already my kids have cavities, they brush their teeth 2x a day, I don't give them junk food, or sweets (only 1x a week), but I didn't need her accusing me of being a bad mom and giving my kids junk.

She only sees us 7-9 times of the 365 days in the year which is Holidays and birthdays only.

She's told my DH lies, and accused me falsely to the point we fought for an hour, until He calmed down and I told him the truth, it really hurts that he believed her coming home, until I told him my side.

I have de friended her on facebook, and blocked her off my phone, now she's trying to attack me through my DH.

Now I don't want to go to anything to do with my in laws, my MIL, FIL, and everyone else is on her side, and I don't want our kids feeding off of that thinking it's ok to be a bully and take the bully's side, and certainly not thinking it's ok to be bullied or pushed around.

What should I do stop going to family functions and stop inviting her to the kids parties or is it better to just do the kids parties at home from now on and not have big family parties anymore?

She's already crossed the line, and getting further away, I'm beyond done with her.
by on May. 5, 2015 at 4:58 AM
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