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Finally delegated chores!

Posted by Anonymous
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My kids are 14 and 9. They've never had chores. They have had normal responsibilities like keep your room clean, make sure your laundry is brought to the wash room, rinse your own plate after dinner, etc. Plus if I ask you to vacuum for me or take the trash, you do. It's worked fine. Until recently.

Recently I've noticed they are slacking. I've stupidly allowed them to have the mentality that mom will do it.

So last night I sat them down and explained that just because I am home all day, does not mean I am a 24 hr maid. I'm sick of everything falling on me. It's time they step up. So the 9 yr old has two basic chores daily. The living room and trash. She is to pick up the LR anytime she sees something out and unused, even if it's not hers. Once a day she is to run the swifter across the floor and use the dusting wipes on the tv and couch. Anytime the trash is full, she is to take it out to the big black canister by the garage door.

The 14 yr old has dishes and laundry. Any dish he sees left out, he is to take to the sink. If there are a few plates in the sink, he is to go ahead and wash them. After dinner, he is to run a sink of hot water and soak them. I will wash the pans, he does the plates, cups and silverware.He isn't responsible for actually doing all the laundry. But if he hears a machine go off and I am busy, he is to tend to it. Take clothes out of dryer and lay out on the folding counter. If the washer is empty and there are clothes in a hamper, he should start a load.

I'm impressed so far. I came out of my office this morning to find an already swept and dusted living room. All dishes put away, empty trash and a running washer!
Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 31, 2016 at 12:05 PM
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