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Baby sleep help?

Posted by Anonymous
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DS is is 4 months 2 weeks old. I've been rocking him to sleep in a swaddle with a bottle since day 1. But he's getting so big! He's in 12 month clothes already, length wise. Hes 20 lbs too. So he's a big boy! He's become a Houdini with getting out of the swaddles lately too. I'm worried that he will suffocate on the blankets. We tried the swaddle Velcro things, but he hates them. He doesn't like the Velcro sounds at all. And I'm not sure they make them in 12 month sizes. Lol!

We can't do crying it out. We are in an apartment. The neighbors don't mind the occasional crying, but they would be bothered by that. I also have an 11 year old that needs his sleep.

How can I transition him to not needing a swaddle? He still startles quite a bit, but I think it's starting to go away. I was thinking of starting to not swaddle during nap times and go from there. Would that work? Or do one arm at a time? His legs are free all the time. It's just his arms I swaddle up because he hits himself in the head when he startles and wakes himself up.

How can I help him not need rocking and a bottle to sleep? I've started to feed him about an hour before nap time. Maybe a binky instead of a bottle? He still wakes up in the middle of the night, usually only once but occasionally twice. My grandma is buying us a little Einsteins crib aquarium. She thinks it might help. And she loves to buy baby things. Lol!

I have an older child, he's 11. He was swaddles until he was a year old, with his legs drawn up because of gas and other gi issues. He also wanted to be rocked to sleep until he was 2. And woke up in the middle of the night wanting to be rocked too. It stopped when we were staying at a friends moms for my friends wedding. My friends mom helped me let him cry it out and we hadn't had any issues since. I don't want this baby to want/need to be swaddled and rocked that long!

I love the cuddles involved with rocking him. But he's so big now that it's hard on my back. I would really appreciate the help. I don't mind working on one issue at a time if I have too.
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 11, 2016 at 10:08 AM
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