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What rights do I have as a tenant?

Posted by Anonymous
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Several months ago (back in July), our apartment was inspected by the city to make sure the building was up to code. It wasn't and the company that runs this place was told they had to make certain changes and fix things in every apartment to bring the complex back upto code.

Since July, we've heard nothing from the leasing office. The repairs are semi important like they should have smoke detectors in the apartment which still hasn't been done (we put our own in but they are not approved by the complex). 

So our lease is up in June but we decided we wanted to move earlier. We got someone approved to take over our lease on April 1st. They've already signed the paperwork and we are in the process of packing our boxes.

DH gets a call today from the leasing office demanding he lets them in the apartment to make these fixes. No 24 hour notice, nothing. They tried to come earlier during my sons naptime but I had the doors locked and the chain on the door so they couldn't get in. I was in the back bedroom. The leasing office does not have keys to this apartment as the locks were changed by the previous tenants that we took over the lease from. We opted not to say anything since we didn't do it.

DH tells them we are moving in 10 days, technically 9 as we will be out on the 31st but dh is still accountable on the least until the 1st when it transfers over.

I asked dh if he told them to give him a 24 hour notice, he said he didn't think about that. However he told them not to come until after 5 to make those repairs/upgrades whatever it is they need to do. It's now after 5pm and nobody has shown up. If they come tomorrow, nobody will be home except our pitbull and he'll kill them if they try to come in the door. Yes, they can break down a locked door if they truly wanted to but I doubt that will end well for them.

So what do we do? Do we have any rights? We're in colorado. I've looked up things online and I"m getting conflicting information.

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 22, 2016 at 7:08 PM
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