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Riley Hughe's mom is a qualified professional on vaccine knowledge.

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Riley Hughe's mom is a qualified professional on vaccine knowledge. Anti-Vaxxers take her advice. And get the whooping cough vaccine for you and your children. So you can prevent more children dying from whooping cough.

Grieving mum’s slap down to anti-vaccine hater following death of four-week-old Riley Hughes

A MUM grieving the death of her four-week-old son after a lethal bout of whooping cough has been forced to defend herself online against anti-vaccinators.

Less than a week after Catherine Hughes’ son Riley died from pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, the Perth mum has been criticised for believing in vaccines that don’t work anyway.

She was also berated for blaming others — like people who don’t vaccinate their children — for the death of her son.

Little Riley John Hughes died from pertussis on Tuesday last week in Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth.

Riley John Hughes lost his battle with whooping cough last week.
He died at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth at four weeks old.

Riley was too young to have started the vaccination program designed to protect him from the disease — Western Australia’s immunisation programs start at eight weeks old, NSW starts from six.

Claire Harvey: Anti-vax terrorists killing our babies

His was the first death from whooping cough in Western Australia since 2011.

Yesterday, Sunday Telegraph deputy editor Claire Harvey penned a column criticising anti-vaccinators for endangering the lives of children by shunning immunisations.

“Would you kill a baby today? Would you put him through horrific pain? Would you take away his oxygen and let him suffocate to death?” Harvey wrote.

“Well, if you haven’t vaccinated your own children, you are doing all those things. You killed four-week-old Riley Hughes. You killed the twelve babies who have died of whooping cough in the past six years. You are responsible. And you have no excuse.”

Harvey’s column had received 900 comments as of this morning, one of which questioned whether Riley’s mother had been immunised herself.

The father of four-week-old Riley Hughes, Greg, with his son.
The mother of four-week-old Riley Hughes, Catherine, with her son.

“I’d like to know if the mother of baby Riley was immunised and breast feeding? this is one of the simplest ways to protect a child too young to be vaccinated,” Rich posted.

Mrs Hughes, whose husband Greg spoke out against anti-vaccinators last week as well, responded to Rich’s post.

“Thank you for questioning me,” she posted.

“I was fortunate to breastfeed my daughter for two years and my son Riley for the four weeks of his little life until he had to use a feeding tube in hospital, where I then expressed milk.

“I was also vaccinated as a child and received the booster shot three years before his birth, and was told my medical professionals this was sufficient. — Riley’s Mum.”

Not content with the fact he had conversed directly with the grieving mother, Rich continued.

“It’s a scary thought that there are people walking around out there after having multiple vaccine shots “believing” that they are immune when in fact they are not, as seen by this case where the mother was indeed vaccinated against pertussis with recent a booster, yet she was unable to pass on her “believed” immune status on to her child through passive immunity,” Rich posted.

“It’s even scarier to think that these same people are probably walking around blaming other people.”

Despite the abuse from anti-vaccinator supporters, the Hughes family have vowed to push for change, saying they don’t want their son’s death to be “in vain” and want to “be the drivers of change” surrounding the treatment and management of whooping cough.

The family has now set up a Facebook page in Riley’s honour which they hope to use to spread their message.

Mr Hughes appeared on Sunrise this morning to thank Australia for its outpouring of support in the wake of Riley’s death.

The Western Australia Health Department says it does not know how Riley contracted the respiratory disease.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 11, 2016 at 10:58 PM
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