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I love them like my own

Posted by Anonymous
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I have worked in a daycare center for 3 years now. My 2nd day there, a new family started. A 6 week old baby and a 5 year old son. My own kids were 8 weeks and 5 years old.

For 3 years, I have spent 8-12 hours a day with the baby. We graduated from infants to toddlers together. I have just as many pictures on my fridge from those boys, as I do my own.

6 months into working there and dad walks out and never looks back. The now 8 year old has spent 100's of hours crying into my shoulder over his dad. I have baked birthday cakes, babysat for free on the weekends so mom could pick up go hours. I recognized a speech delay in the youngest and I have worked with him everyday, teaching him new words and sign language. I have kissed boo boo's, given meds, done homework, read stories, cuddled with, rocked t sleep, studied with, played catch, wiped butts and boogers, cleaned up puke - I have loved these boys like my own for 3 years.

Last week, children services came in to ask some questions about the boys, but not to talk to them. This has happened with different families throughout the years, and it has never been a huge deal. I have never known a child t be removed from their parents care

Today, the boys didn't come in. I paged the director and asked her to stand in my room so I could call mom. This is standard practice when you have kids who are everyday kids who just don't show up. She told me to hold on a few minutes. Then another teacher came to my room and sent me to the office. I knew it was coming.

I got to the office and the director told me the boys had been placed in foster care due to neglect.

I lost it. I knew their mom was struggling with depression and on more than one occassion, I had to give the little one a full on bath. I always sent them home with whatever was left from lunch. I didn't know things had gotten so bad.

I am hurting so bad for them right now. I can't sleep - I'm worried about where they are, and if whoever has them knows the little one cannot sleep without his elephant and that the 8 year old has night terrors, or the little one will only eat his veggies if you mix them in with his potatoes or put them on a roll. I'm worried that they are scared and where ever they are, the adults don't know the signs the little one uses to tell you what he needs, or that the older one needs to work on his fine motor skills to improve his muscle definition -

I just came home and cried

It is so hard when you lose a kid, because they age out or move away, but this has been the hardest day I have had since I started in the childcare field.

I feel like I lost my kids!!
Posted by Anonymous on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:22 AM
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Replies (1-10):
by Ruby Member on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:26 AM

Well that sucks :(

by Anonymous 2 on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:29 AM
I am so sorry.
by on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:32 AM
by Gold Member on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:34 AM
I am so sorry. :(
by Gold Member on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:37 AM

They are very well attached to you, you have been a HUGE blessing to them and their mom! Hugs.

by Anonymous 3 on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:40 AM
*hugs* I lost my own kids for a short time because of an asshole doctor. I literally fell to my knees when I got the call. I know it hurts but you need to keep moving. Call the mom & see how you can help.
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:40 AM
Thank you ladies. Mom has my personal number. My director said I can talk to her about it, if she reaches out to me first, but I cannot just text her.

I am praying they are with family! These boys need extra love, so they need to be with people who do love them. Especially the little one. He has tantrums when people can't understand him and they are pretty intense. Big brother is such an awesome brother tho', so as long as they are together ....
by Exotic Butters on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:43 AM

Would you be able to take them in? That might be an option. You know the signs and have been like second mommy to them and I am sure thier mother is eternally grateful and a judge may see it as being in the childrens best interest to be with a familiar place. I'm sure your kids and them have become close. Talk to an attorney

by Anonymous 4 on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:44 AM
I'm so sorry 😞 I hope they are being taken care of 😞
by Anonymous 5 on Sep. 7, 2016 at 1:50 AM

I'm sorry but try to stay strong your own children still need you and I bet they are sad and missing their friends also 

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