Today's little thing? A photo of Instagram user leonardhoespams' legs. Only, the reason that their legs have sparked such a reaction is because people can't decide whether they're covered in a slick layer of oil, or just painted with white streaks.

Here's the post, which went up two days ago and already has more than 5,800 likes:

"How did you do that?" wrote one commenter.

"I'm confused," wrote another.

Another said, "Help someone I can't work it out lol?"

If you haven't worked it out already, it's paint (duh).

First, you can SEE the paint markers on the floor all around them.

But also, the post from two days ago is a repost of the same photo from last month.

The caption clearly states, "I like the feeling of paint on my skin."

And if that doesn't resolve this ~*dire*~ digital dilemma, I don't know what will.

Case closed.