Katelyn Nicole Davis of Cedartown, Georgia hung herself in the front yard of her family home on Friday, December 30. Now, local police can't stop people from sharing the video of her suicide online.

Davis livestreamed her suicide on the Live.Me app, where she recorded regular vlogs.

The video spans 45 minutes, according to reports. It shows Davis preparing for the attempt and reading out her apologies. Halfway though the video, she whispers "goodbye" and kicks a bucket out from underneath her.

Later in the video, her family can be heard calling her name in an attempt to find her. Police rushed her to Polk Medical Center's emergency room that night, where doctors pronounced her dead.

Davis had previously said that her stepfather sexually abused her.

In a video streamed to Live.Me, and later uploaded to YouTube, Davis recounts the encounter in stark detail.

"I have a stepfather but he tried to rape me," she said. "And he said I should go hang myself because I was worthless. I was a worthless whore."

In online journal entries, Davis said she'd been forced to spend Christmas with her stepfather. She wrote that she could not forgive him for what he had done, and did not want to see him. In a separate journal entry that same night, she reported suicidal thoughts.

"I feel like hanging myself with a cord," she wrote on December 27. "Just tying a chord around my ceiling fan and getting a bucket. Then tying it around my neck and jumping. Then greeting death. That is what I feel like doing."

She committed suicide three days later.