The manager at a movie theater in Australia was cleaning up after a showing of Fifty Shades Darker (the steamy sequel to Blockbuster porno Fifty Shades of Grey), when he found this veggie-surprise:

"That awkward moment when you find a cucumber in the cinema after a session," wrote Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace on their Facebook page.

What was this person doing with a cucumber in a movie theater? Since the cuke was in one piece, we know it wasn't this:

And based on the film's trailer, we can safely assume it was probably something kinky. Please don't make me get more specific than that.

Some skeptics thought this was a bizarre marketing ploy, but Alex Temesvari, the theater's Deputy General Manager, confirmed that it's real.

"Hand on my heart, it was actually found after our Student Night session of Fifty Shades on Monday night (actually by me!)," he told Mashable.

The photo created a stir on Facebook. Most people drew the same conclusion about the purpose of the cucumber, which led to the question: why is he handling it in the photo?? With no gloves on??