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Frustrated and needing to vent.

Posted by Anonymous
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The small town I live in is in between two bigger cities. I grew up in this town and, when I was younger, it was mostly known as the "retirement village" of The area and there wasn't a lot of things here (1 grocery store, a gas station, a motel, a seafood restaurant a Hardees/Carl's jr. And a Taco Bell and an elementary school). We now have several gas stations, several dollar stores, McDonalds, several grocery stores, a nursing home, etc on top of what we used to have. There are so many new businesses as well as new homes being built daily and we have really grown from the small community to a still smaller but now known part of the map.

Because people are migrating here, the population is expanding and I am on the board of people who help decide where the tax payers money can be used and what could help residents out (for example, we voted to add the nursing home in 2012 so that the elderly could have a place where they could be looked after and cared for).

Two of the ideas that are currently being debated is a bypass because of frequent accidents so that getting to the bigger cities is more accessible, or building homes and apartments that are for low income or disabled individuals that cannot afford the +$1200 rising cost of rent (some houses aren't even worth that much, but I digress).

A lot of the people who migrated want to build the bypass because they aren't from around here and are more equipt to driving in places where the speed limit is apparently not enforced and where pulling out in front of someone and then slamming on their breaks IS NOT frowned upon. Most of the accidents that have happened wouldn't have happened if they would use common sense and drive the speed limit.

Rather than use common sense and being a safe driver, they think that we should build this bypass rather than housing that is actually affordable.

I know people (a family with small children, an elderly couple, and a disabled young lady) who are struggling to pay the $1,200/mo rent and could lose their homes and end up homeless.

I just needed to vent.
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 20, 2017 at 6:58 AM
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