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How do you feel about this? (Another poor people get free stuff post...)

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The school district my kids are in got chromebooks for all the students about 2 years ago. Pretty much all their work starting in 3rd grade is only on the chromebooks. Kindergarteners thru 2nd grade get chromebooks too but they can't take them home and those grades still focus on written work.

The last day of school is the 24th. My 7th grader brought a letter home Friday saying that if I want her to keep her chromebook over the summer then it's a 20.00 fee. That's normal. At the bottom of the letter said that all low income families that do not have internet at home now qualify for the school to pay for internet at home for them. (And the 20.00 take home fee is waived).

Most families will benefit from this. We live in a low income district. I'm just wondering what you ladies think?
Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 18, 2017 at 7:28 PM
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by Anonymous 95 on Jun. 25, 2017 at 9:35 AM
Why do people call them obamaphones? They were put into place by George W Bush.

Quoting Anonymous 115:

I have to wonder....... how much of this came about because a politician somewhere saw it as a way to line the pockets of one of his buddy contributors.  That's how Obamaphones came about.

by Anonymous 95 on Jun. 25, 2017 at 9:42 AM
Not necessarily. They could have gotten a grant from an organization or company.

Quoting Anonymous 11: I know about rual areas and you know what it isn't my problem that you will need satellite internet. It isn't my problem that you think you are good for dial up. And it isn't my fault that you can't afford internet. It isn't our problem to pay for your shit . And if the school is paying for it then the tax payers are
J don't mind food stamps I sotn mind Medicaid but I do have a issues paying for luxuries like internet.

Quoting Anonymous 59: And where the fuck am I suppsoe to come up with the so called $30 you claim its costs when I look the companies that offer services want to charge $80-230 for service because of where we are we dont have "cheap" plans, the best I can do is dial up internet which is not feaseable either because my childern wouldnt be able to conncet if need be wow some of you ladies dont know alot about extremely rual areas

Quoting Anonymous 11: Then do what most people do , pay for it most internet companies offer basic for $25-30. It isn't everyone else place to pay for your services

Quoting Anonymous 59: So Im suppose to drive 3 counties away for wifi??? There are no fast food places in my town hell we dont even have a freaking stoplight, we are litteraly a 4 way stop sign on blacktop, (I am on break at work on my tablet that is connected to works passworded wifi

Quoting Anonymous 11: I've been low income and I have went without internet with a kid in high school . They can do it after school in the school library, and unless you live in bunfuck Egypt they can get to the library, a fast food restaurant and you can't tell me that middle and high school kids don't have friends with internet, I have 2 kids in those grades and like one poster said I am willing to bet most have smart phones and can share data. You are making excuses for low income to get something for nothing.

Quoting Anonymous 5: You are going to have your kid sit at Wal-mart and do homework every night? What about families with one car and both people working? You make no sense. Next.

Quoting Anonymous 11: I come from a low income family and most can go to the library, Wal-Mart, McDonald's. Just about any fast food restaurant has wifi.

Quoting Anonymous 5:

Sorry grandma....but you're wrong. Low income families usually don't have the luxury of  hopping in their car and trotting off to the library every night to complete their homework. Sounds like the school requires internet so really, yes it is a necessity. So, hop on your Rascal and ride off into the sunset.

Quoting Anonymous 2: No it's not. You absolutely don't need the internet to live. It's a convenience. If you can't afford the internet head to your local library or the million of places with free wi-fi.
I'd also bet those kids whose house hold can't afford internet have at least 1 smart phone in the home.

Quoting Anonymous 5:

It is now, Grandma.

Quoting Anonymous 2: Use a library. That would piss me off. Internet isn't a necessity.

by Gold Member on Jun. 25, 2017 at 11:22 AM
I am just shocked they do all of their work on a computer.

Here (in Ontario), a few laptops are shared between 3 Or so classes. Most of dd's work is still handwritten.
by Bronze Member on Jun. 25, 2017 at 7:51 PM
Sweetheart, my DD was put in that situation a few times. See I was a mom at 15. I got rid of cable during summer months because kids belong outside. My child never had homework over summer vacation. Reading was done daily. My DD has is graduating high school with honors right now. She has a academic scholarship because she worked for it. It's called building integrity

Quoting Anonymous 83: Not if the home work is being done by computers see the key word is stay with me now "HOMEWORK " so that means the children that do not have computers can't do the work and going to the library they do not let you access or download to their computers so what you are
Doing is throwing kids who parents are single family or poor under the bus and not giving them the same opportunities and that to me is selfish. And very avoidable. And I hope that your child gets put
In the situation where you can't afford something that some feel is a luxury to complete his education

Quoting Peterrabbit: Sorry. I do not believe computers that you can't afford are a need. Food love and shelter are. The kids can use the computers at school

Quoting Anonymous 83: Then you take them and control content. It is called parental controls. If he is not using it to work take it. And the earlier post was Ebooks not Ebola

Quoting Peterrabbit: That seems a bit much. Computers are not needed over the summer. Makes our kids get a imagination
by Anonymous 116 on Jun. 26, 2017 at 5:39 PM

Often low income parents are working very hard at low income jobs ! Don' get all pissy. There wouldn't be so many low income people if social services covered enough to lift people out of their situation rather than just surviving so no it doesn't bother me. And I give to school , sports teams, children's club  fundraisers as well. If I am fortunate enough to have enough I can help soon as my sons got part time jobs some of their money went to sponsoring kids through world vision.

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