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My PSA about "purebred" dogs! EDIT

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You have no idea if that sweet hyper puppy you picked was parented by brother/sister or father/daughter or mother/son. Oh sure they are "akc certified" or whatever but come on. So many dog breeders will say anything to make their $1000+ sale.

You get that sweet puppy home only to find they are crazy hyper, you can't train them no matter how many classes you take them to, and it becomes to much for you to handle. Then you have to surrender them to an agency like the ASPCA where if they are too out of control, they have to be put down.

So please do you research before investing in a purebred dog. That is all.

🌅Edit I'm sorry for the tone of this post. I work for the pound and yesterday I had to see a beautiful Dalmatian be put down because of owners who couldn't handle her and some backyard breeder who lied to them to make a quick buck. It just broke my heart.

I am well aware mixed breeds can have issues but in my experience the worst are purebred who have been inbreeded. It's just my experience however.

My point is please please please do your research and if you have any doubts at all follow your gut.
Posted by Anonymous on Sep. 12, 2017 at 10:29 PM
Replies (121-122):
by Meanie Pants on Sep. 14, 2017 at 10:11 AM
Because a "goldendoodle" by definition is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. No one is trying to make them into purebred dogs. Even among a litter of "doodles" you can get a variety of cost types, facial features, and sizes as they lean towards having Poodle features or Golden features.

If someone out there decided to make "goldendoodle" into a purebred dog by completely stopping any mixed breeding for all lines of "doodles" and creating a standard that all of the dogs must adhere to then more power to them. But that would take decades of dedication and people who breed designer mutts aren't going to do that if they can make 4500 off some idiot by continuing to breed mutts.

Quoting Reading.Rainbow: So if every goldendoodle looks the same...and have all the same phenotypic is it not a purebred ?

Quoting AliKatAK47: There is an actual answer to that. And it varies from breed to breed. The answer is when the offspring begin to "breed true". Meaning every single one in a litter Will have the same traits (floppy ears, a black nose, rounded eyes etc) and every one of those dogs' offspring will have those traits and so on and so forth. It's why you can see a Yellow Lab and know for 100 percent that it's a Yellow Lab (because they all look the same with very little variation). But if you see a mutt you may have a guess what it is but you will never know until you ask. Hell, its why you are able to fathom a guess to what breeds make up a mutt. Because purebred dogs have undeniable traits that they can pass on to their mixed breed offspring.

All purebreds are not mutts. That's a cop out that people who peddle "designer dogs" made up to make it seem like their dogs that they made by indiscriminately cross breeding two random dogs are of the same value as a dog who took maybe centuries to create.

Quoting Reading.Rainbow:

At what ancestral point would you deem something to become "purebred" ?

20 generations ? 100 ? 

Every dog is a mutt... even the purebreds depending on how far back you go...

Quoting yorkiemum: That is not a purebred, that is an overpriced mutt

Quoting Anonymous 4: My $4500 goldendoodles are the best dogs I've ever owned.
How about you research how NOT to be a judgemental twat!

by Queen Bee on Sep. 14, 2017 at 1:41 PM

He once watched my female shepherd mix hide a bone under her bed, then when she walked away he couldn't find the bone. Didn't look under the bed where he saw her put it. He looked all around the bed and the room.

Quoting AliKatAK47: That's probably just because he's a Beagle.
Quoting carterscutie85: 

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