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No BM, it is just NOT going to happen. ETA I gave her the number

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I've been with DH for 10 years, married 6.  His daughter is 13 and mine is 15.  Since they were little, SD has always been just a tad bit taller but otherwise same sizes (my daughter is still tiny)  Well, for a time we dressed them kind of the same, well at least same color coordination. (you know, like sisters)

But now.....the kids have grown up and when I mean grown up SD outweighs my DD by at least 30-40 lbs. Albeit she also is taller by about 4 inches.

We are having a party in which believe it or not SD WANTS to dress like my DD.  She told her mom to get the name of the seamstress so she can have the EXACT same dress as my daughter.

Well, that just isn't going to happen.  The seamstress is booked and is not taking on any new clients.  I know for a fact that BM is already telling others that I don't want to give her the information, but truth be told the seamstress does not want me to give out her information while she isn't taking new clients.

Secondly, I want my daughter to have the dress she's wanted without it being a "twinsy" thing.

Lastly, the dress is made for a certain shape/type.  I wouldn't even let SD do that to herself.



I listened to what you ladies said and reached back out to the seamstress.  She said I can pass on the number and she would tell her herself.  Which she did.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep. 13, 2017 at 6:52 PM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Sep. 15, 2017 at 5:36 PM

it really is separate events but the city will host them all together.

My daughter and six others were involved in a rescue which resulted in a life being saved

SD took part in some volunteerism and the group is being recognized

I am only saying this for context

it is ALL good

Quoting Anonymous 23: Your last nine words pale in comparison to the paragraph above them. Your SD is getting a "participation trophy" so to speak. You mentioned that your DD helped save a life. That's fantastic! How much did your SD cooperate in all this?
Quoting Anonymous 1:

The city is honoring a group of students (seven to be exact) My daughter is within the first group.  For outstanding efforts in their volunteer services.  (there is actually a bigger picture, but I will not elaborate because of the way this post has gone left) Either way, the first group has done some amazing work in the community to the extent of saving a life.

The second group is being recognized for participation efforts.

Quoting Anonymous 23: Because a lot of BM's don't want you (SM) to have a say in what your SD should wear. They think SD should be treated as an entitled snowflake at your DD's expense. That said - this does sound a little Cindarella(ey). Lol! A city is honoring 2 teenagers? For what? Could you elaborate?
Quoting Anonymous 1:

wait. what?

I love my SD

my daughter is getting a custom made dress because she deserves it

SD can have one too

it's up to her mother and father.

she just can't have the same exact dress

why is that hard to comprehend?

Quoting susannah2000:

Quoting Anonymous 1:


Who's obsessing?

I clearly stated

NO BM Not happening!

Quoting redbottoms: okay so? its not happening. So why are you obsessing?
Quoting Anonymous 1:

that is the whole point

she hasn't seen it

she just heard about it

and wants it

Quoting redbottoms: then why are you worried? if its custom made and your seamstress is booked, its not going to happen. So stop worrying about it. In the future if you don't want SD to have the same dress as DD, don't show her the outfit ahead of time
Quoting Anonymous 1:


Her dress is custom made

Quoting redbottoms: well unfortunately you cannot control that. One of your DD's friends could also show up in the same dress. It happens. Maybe encourage her to pick out a similar dress in a different color instead.
Quoting Anonymous 1:

she wants a replica

Quoting redbottoms: alright then. I doubt she will want to wear the exact same dress so what is the problem?
Quoting Anonymous 1:

I really don't care what she wears as long as it isn't a replica

Quoting redbottoms: I would tell her the name of the seamstress but tell her that she is not taking new clients and she can call and find that out for herself if she thinks you are lying. Her BM can get her whatever dress she wants to get her though. None of your business on that front

Why do you hate your stepdaughter, and why is your entitled snowflake getting a custom made dress and a party?

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