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It's Halloween and I'm subjecting as many people to this as possible

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Yes, I'm bragging because I'm obsessed with her and I'll probably post more pics tonight when she's in her costume.
by on Oct. 31, 2017 at 1:15 PM
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by on Oct. 31, 2017 at 3:00 PM
She is absolutely perfect.
by Ruby Member on Oct. 31, 2017 at 3:04 PM
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I had GD, too. Who would have thought?

Quoting SDmomma-3: The human body and it's resilience amazes me. I had a friend who recovered much like you did but it was also her 5th c-section. I couldn't imagine much braver then I am lol

Quoting WickedOpal: The second one was easier than the previous two deliveries because I never got induced. Those hormones made it SO hard to recover! With the last baby, I recovered so fast that, at my post op checkup 6 weeks later, the Dr was in awe. She said that if SHE hadn't done the surgery herself, she never would have known that I had a c-section at all.

Quoting SDmomma-3: I wish I had because it was horrible trying to "hold her in"...only time I have ever cursed a doctor out lol

I had to be induced twice and I'll admit I was scared of having a c-section. I admire women who have had them because the healing time just seems so rough. I have a high pain tolerance but I'm not good with the relax and heal part, I tend to push the limits a lot /:

Quoting WickedOpal: I would have said, No, you catch her. LOL

I never could get my kids out on my own. Something about a lip of cartilage, as one Dr said. Essentially, I am not shaped to birth children naturally. The one Dr said I shouldn't have had the first one vaginally. I was like, yeah, I know. A fourth degree cut is not natural. LOL

Quoting SDmomma-3: Lol my middle dd was like that then when she decided she was ready the doctors were switching shifts, no doctor at the hospital so the nurse told me to "hold her in"...I was so mad.

Quoting WickedOpal: I didn't have a problem being pregnant, but deliveries always were hard. The last two were c-sections. DD10 tried to hold on and stay in there. LOL

Quoting SDmomma-3: My pregnancy with the youngest was a rough one and I had several miscarriages before her. I'm kind of scared of going through that again, that might play a part of my being so unsure. But then again, I really don't enjoy pregnancy, I don't mind labor and delivery but being pregnant sucks lol

Quoting WickedOpal: According to DR's, I shouldn't have been able to have the last two, so I got bonuses! IDK how other people know either. My youngest is 10 though, so I'm happily not even considering it anymore.

Quoting SDmomma-3: They are.

Admittedly I try not to open baby posts because they just make me want a little one even more Lol Our youngest is 4, we haven't decided if we're done yet or not. I swear I can't make up my mind, some days I would love another and other days I'm content where we are. I admire those who know one way or the other for sure.

Quoting WickedOpal: IKR? Babies are like Lays, you can't have just one. At least now, I have grandchildren, so I don't have to do everything. LOL

Quoting SDmomma-3: She is absolutely adorable!

Damn...makes me want another wee one lol
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