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Are people aware of this...Dogs outside during the winter

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There are arctic breeds that not only enjoy very cold weather, but thrive in it. I have a neighbor that doesn't seem to be aware of this. We have 3 huskies and she's making ambiguous Facebook posts (that aren't as ambiguous as she thinks) about dogs being neglected outside and, without going into everything, she's talking about ours. Yet they have food, water, open space for plenty of exercise, and can come inside to hang out with us if they desire. I'm going to deal with her specifically, but since it's come up, I thought I'd share this information at a general level.

This time of year, our huskies come in for 5 minutes and then start pawing at the door to go back out or sometimes when we open the door and call them in, they don't want to come. During the summer months, they're thrilled to come in and lay on top of the AC vents. But not during the winter months.

Most breeds should never be outside during very cold weather except to relieve themselves. But huskies, alaskan malamutes, great pyrenese, etc....thrive in it. By all means, report it if you see non-arctic breeds left outside for long periods in freezing weather. Dog owners should know enough about their dogs to know what temperatures are appropriate for them and act accordingly. However, be aware of the breed. There are some that crave the cold weather and aren't outside because their owners aren't doing their job. If they're fed, watered, and are in a safe environment, there's no need for concern.

I think a lot of people are aware of this. But clearly there are those who aren't. So I guess this is my PSA for the winter months.

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by on Dec. 13, 2017 at 1:53 PM
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by Ruby Member on Dec. 14, 2017 at 6:12 PM
I wasn't able to have pets growing up but now I'm going overboard. I may consider a husky when we're down to just a couple of dogs. Golden Retrievers are my favorites but I love Huskies too. My neighbors have a couple.

Quoting januaryqueen:

You wouldn't be disappointed with a husky. They're amazing family dogs, great with kids, and entertaining. As long as they have space to run around, they're happy. The shedding is my only complaint but we try to stay ahead of it with the furmanator. If you're looking for a hilarious and super loving dog, the husky is your guy.

Quoting RocknRoll.Rose: Same here. We don't keep food out because they get fed at certain times of day but we have a big water bowl on the deck that we keep full for them. We have a golden retriever, an Irish setter, sheltie, boxer, and the chihuahua. On nice days, they love to be outside running around. If they start getting too rambunctious inside, I just send them outside. We also have an above ground pool that my golden loves (the other dogs, not so much) in the summer. The chihuahua's only interest in the pool is sitting in my lap in the float. In warmer weather, she loves being outside with the big dogs. In cold weather, she sits on the couch and watching out the window like she wants to join in. I've always wanted a husky.

Quoting januaryqueen:

Exactly. Our back yard is pretty big and fenced. We keep multiple water and food dishes out for them. A couple in the yard and several on our deck. We invite them in and sometimes they come in and a lot of times, they'd rather not. When they do, it's usually because I'm waving the treat bag and they come in to get a treat and then beg to go back outside. They love the cold weather and they're also nosey asses. They like the sights and sounds of being outside.

Our shih tzu? No. She is inside all the time with a sweater on. LOL. She occasionally *thinks* she wants to go outside. So I just say, "Ok." and open the door. She feels the cold gust of wind and re-evaluates the situation.

My huskies, just this morning were rolling around, wrestling, outside and chasing each other. Dh goes home every day at lunch to check on them and we give them the opportunity to come in every evening when we are home.

If they were thrown outside and not provided for, it'd be different.

Quoting RocknRoll.Rose: There is nothing wrong with letting dogs outside in winter to get exercise but they shouldn't be left out with no chance to come inside. I always look at the condition of the dog. If I see a dog outside in a safe area running and playing, I chuckle (because watching dogs play is cute) and move on. If I see the dog huddled in the corner, shivering, whining, scratching at the door, or without shelter, I will get your address and report you. My bigger dogs are ok with the cold and love the snow. I have a tiny chihuahua who hates it. I carry her outside in my jacket, set her down, she quickly does her business, and then I pick her back up. She also wears a sweater, even in the house. She likes to snuggle in a warm lap or by the heater. My 4 year old was carrying her around in a blanket earlier. On warm days, she loves to be outside.

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