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Called CPS on SIL

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My BIL And SIL are the trashiest people in the world and I live next door to them.
DH is a teacher and I’m a nurse. We have a nice home with two young girls and his brother and his wife live next to us in an eyesore of a falling apart trailer with three teenagers she had from a previous marriage, she takes advantage of him, he adopted them a few years ago after she pressured him for years about it, and one six year old they have together..
She is on disability aka “I don’t want to work, so I am going to pretend to have ptsd and panic attacks” and BIL has worked the same dead end job for 25 or 30 years.
They have a tacky wooden swing set she brags about getting free for hauling away on a yard sale site. But really it’s just ugly and imo it’s an accident waiting to happen
Well, a month ago when we had those really bad cold snaps, their pipes froze and some busted.
Monday I went over to see her and found out she was terribly behind in her dishes.
She said it was difficult to keep up with because she had to heat the water in a pan until tax time, that they had already filed and just waiting on them to come in. They get the earned income credit so they get a huge check, and then her DH, and teenaged boys would fix the pipes (poor kids having to do this kind of work)
I asked how the kids were bathing and how she was doing laundry.
She said she still did laundry she just did it in cold water. (GROSS) and that they were heating water in pans for the kids to take baths.
So I thought about it and after thinking really hard I decided to call CPS.
The worker came out yesterday morning and left then BIL came home early. These are my off days.i Work 6 Days on and go ur off.
So I called down and asked if everything was ok, and they told me that CPS had been out. I immediately offered to take the kids and they asked why I would need to.
I told them with the problems they had just assumed..
And SIL got snotty and said that no, while she had a few dishes left she and DD had done most of them the night before, and while they didn’t have HOT water they had running water and CPS had no issues.
CPS HAD NO ISSUES with their home which honestly should be condemned!!!! Then she accused me of making the call because she said I was the only one to have been at the house in the last week. Then started hyperventilating and pretending to have a “panick attack”
I was just trying to help her poor children have a decent chance. They can’t even take a shower!!! And now DH is mad at me!!!! He told me it wasn’t my place to put my nose in, and he won’t speak to me. Of all people I would have have thought he would understand why I did it!!

I didn’t know there was a problem until Monday, I couldn’t offer help until I knew there was a problem

I offered to let them come shower at my house when I found out but SHE doesn’t leave her house except doctors appointments or when she absolutely HAS to

We live in the country, DH’s Parents gave DH and BIL each a piece of land DH build us a home and BIL bought a trashy trailer
Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 7, 2018 at 4:51 PM
Replies (641-650):
by Ruby Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 4:57 PM

Well done, troll!  You reached 64 pages!

by on Feb. 9, 2018 at 5:20 PM
Lol you are a fuckin nut ....making the kids work on the plumbing .... that’s just awful

Quoting Anonymous 1: Her kitchen was disgusting, every dish they owned was dirty
There is dog hair everywhere
They were planning on making the kids work on the plumbing issues.
It was awful

Quoting Anonymous 118: So becuase they have no hot water you automatically assume she not a fit parent and you also assume she is pretending to have these medical ailments although she doesent leave the house unless she has to whock is a clear indicator of ptsd moung others... You my dear need to step off your high horse and get a grip youcare selfish for wanting to take her children away not everyone is in the place you are wuth your higher education and higher income who are you to judge this woman you are out of place and i wouldn't be surprised if she never spoke to you agian shame on you you think you a nice person for supposedly trying to help after you got bashed for not stating tou offerd help and support ... Yea the fu#% right get the fu#% over yourself.
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 9, 2018 at 5:36 PM
We are talking about two different circumstances
How DH refused to co sign a loan for MY brother a few years ago when he hit a deer and needed a new car and is now shelling out money left and right for his own

Quoting Anonymous 57: I thought it was you DH's brother?

Quoting Anonymous 1: They did in the end.
But he didn’t want to ask Dad so he asked us first.

Quoting Anonymous 27:

First big slip up in your trolling.

If your parents can afford to do all this, then why didn't they co-sign or buy your brother a car after he hit the deer? 

Quoting Anonymous 1: I did, and admitted I owe him an apology for it.
I shouldn’t have acted so quickly or harshly.
Apparently my BIL and SIL are getting a new master bedroom, the teen boys will share the old that they share with the six year old now, but they are going to paint it and “update it” for them.
Then the six year old will have his own room.
It’s ridiculous.
They think I “meant well”

Quoting Gardeningmom4:

I love your parents they are awesome. Oh did you tell them you threw a beer bottle at his head?

Quoting Anonymous 1: My parents have decided to buy her a dishwasher!!!!
They told me they believe I meant well, but they believe my panties are in a twist!!!!
They also want to hire in some help during spring break to make their addition bigger than just one room!
My FATHER CALLED DH and they have been “workin out the deets” for an hour now.
My mother called a friend who knows appliances who is delivering a dishwasher tomorrow
And basically patting me on the head.
They told me I need to go home, Make a nice dinner and be ready for DH to come home and make nice.

Quoting ThatBoysMom: I think u should have a little compassion and support his decision to help them right now. If he felt the need to record you on the nanny cam then there's probably more that we don't know. Sounds like he's gathering evidence against u.

Your parents know everyone and none of us do, so what is their opinion on all of this?

Quoting Anonymous 1: If my family needs something they know they can count on me.
Except the one time that my brother hit the deer and then DH wouldnt help him co sign to get a new car.
DH’s family never tells us anything
SIL doesn’t work outside the home.
He accepts the fact that she never wants to leave the house unless she absolutely has to.

Quoting ThatBoysMom: I do hear ya on that one. My in laws are that way. I was raised that u never ask anyone to do something that u can do for yourself. Like get up off your ass and just do it. Well just so happens there's so much they "can't" do.

Ya know like looking online for a car and asking DH to test drive it for them and let them know. Searching online for a dog and want us to pick it up and bring it to them. They live 2 hrs away. BIL actually tried to get DH to call in his unemployment because he didn't know how. It never ends.

Quoting Anonymous 1: The difference is, my family also works hard to help themselves.

Quoting ThatBoysMom: Support your husbands decision to help his family in a time of need. You know you would do it for yours.

Quoting Anonymous 1: I offered to let them shower and asked if there was anything I could do
What was I supposed to do beyond that?

Quoting ThatBoysMom: You acted like it was an outrage that they lived like this but are against any help for them? Are you kidding?

Its obvious that you think your family is royalty and his is trash. Your husband has a big heart for helping and I'm sorry that you can't see that as a good thing.

by Anonymous 128 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 7:54 PM
You are a piece of work ms. high horse and I'm better than them

Quoting lily99300:

So all I could glean from this post is:

You live next door.  You're concerned about your nieces and nephews bathing.  So why in the hell haven't you invited them over to shower?

You're sooooo worried yet you said nothing about opening your home so the kids could bathe.

by Platinum Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:02 PM

there is one word for people like you.

starts with a C and ends in a T.

by Anonymous 129 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:18 PM
You are awful. Why couldnt you help with dishes when you saw it? I wash my clothes in cold water as does my mom (a doctor so cant pull your nurse bs on me). Nothing wrong with taking cold showers. My dad never takes a warm shower. I always turn my water on cold before i get out it is good for your skin. I also see nothing wrong with teenagers helping with plumbing. When they are grown men they will bne able to so it for their home. My kids help all the time. They love helpingy fiance take apart old tvs and stuff and learning how things work. Youre teacher husband wont talk to you as he probably knows it was nothing cps worthy. Maybe instead of judging them go over and help. I have anxiety and my best friend has ptsd unless you live it you have no right to belittle anyone.
by Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:22 PM
I'm gonna go out on limb here and guess.... you voted Trump didn't You? Judge the poor and shame them, don't do anything to help them out. Just make their situation worse and then put them on blast on the internet. SMDH.

Sorry for your husband.
by Gold Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:33 PM

Congratulations, you’re an asshole 

by Gold Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:36 PM
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What the fuck kind of nurse are you? You do realize panic attacks and PTSD and legitimate and at tome debilitating?

Quoting Anonymous 1: We live in the country zoning is looser out here technically the trailer was there first.. That’s not the point The point is this woman is practically neglecting her kids then begging for attention “look at meeeee!” And hyperventilates
Quoting SnowKittyDemon: What city zones for trailers and houses right next to each other?

by Gold Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:40 PM

Good , at least your DH is a decent , caring human.. it is his brother he is helping!

He isn’t discussing it with you because he thinks your an asshole just like the rest of us 

Quoting Anonymous 1: DH is meeting BIL at Home Depot tonight WITHOUT my ok, and buying the supplies to fix it. We ALWAYS talk about this stuff before making such a big decision. We had no clue until I was there Monday, they didn’t tell us. But now here he is putting our money forward with out so much as discussing it with me.
Quoting Anonymous 10:

why didn't you offer for them to shower at your house and lend them the money to get the problem fixed. I mean seriously

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