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Worst Customer Ever! 😡😡

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I’m bored and looking for something interesting to read.

What are some of the worst experiences you’ve had with a customer?

If you have somehow managed to never work with the public, what is your worst customer service experience?

Brownie points if your story is funny 😉
by on Feb. 7, 2018 at 10:41 PM
Replies (331-340):
by Anonymous 80 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 12:41 PM

Quoting Anonymous 45: Not mine, but still funny. Before college my husband used to work at a gas station. One morning he had an irate customer come into the store screaming at him because the pump ate his credit card. This made no sense to my husband, as the tanks used credit card swipers, not the readers you inserted your cards into. The customer became more angry when hubby told him this, and started swearing at him.

"Don't f*in treat me like a G.D r****d, I'm a doctor! A f*in DOCTOR. I'd say I'm probably smarter than a re****ed gas station employee, wouldn't you, dumb a**?"

So, my hubby went to go look at the pump.

Hubby: So a doctor, huh?

Smug doctor:*sneer* yep.

Hubby: What kind of doctor?

Doctor: I'M a surgeon

Hubby: Oh. You must work at (name of hospital with a really bad reputation)

Doctor: *blinks* but how did you know that?

Hubby: because only they would hire a moron who would scream at a clerk over the pump's credit card reader eating his card when he had actually shoved the card up the receipt slot. See?
*points at RECEIPT in big red letters above the slot*
by Anonymous 78 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 12:57 PM here is one I just heard today from a listserv I belong to.

This is what they wrote;

Today we had a user insist that they upgraded to Windows 11 and lost all of their files. My first thought was to wonder if they were upgrading from Windows 9.

Quoting anononononon: I fix computers and electronics for a living and my favorite was a single mom who came to me because she had some type of “porn virus.” She thought she had a virus that went onto porn sites and downloaded the porn onto her computer. I asked if she had any kids and she said she had a teenage boy but he isn’t interested in “filthy porn.” I took all the porn off for her and told her to put a password on her computer. I’m sure Jr told her all about the porn virus that has been destroying homes all over the country lol
Quoting Anonymous 78:

I bet you're glad you're not working there anymore.

My daughter in her final weeks of her waitress employment was walking over to a table with some drinks, and tripped on something and the drink tray flipped over onto the floor. One of the guys at the table she was bringing them to decided to try and make her feel even worse by doing the "slow clap" and saying something like "nice job klutz." While this wasn't her finest moment, it was funny to listen to the story. As she's getting up from the floor, glasses broken and brushing herself off, she turns around and double flips off the patron. I asked her if she got written up and what happened after that. She said, "no nothing happened to me and the slow clap guy just burst out laughing."

Her stories of mommy groups coming in though, made me cringe. She said they were usually the worst, treated her terribly and almost always wanted separate checks. She didn't mind the separate checks, but when that was information was given as the bill was brought to the table would irritate her.

On a separate note...

My stories are much more mundane but just as irritating because I'm working with staff. They swear that they don't know how something went missing, (a file or program) why they all of a sudden have a virus and swear they never visit questionable sites etc.  My favorite was the guy with a broken laptop screen and said he had a bird virus. The break looked like the head of bird when it was turned on. I had to politely inform him he didn't have a bird virus, just an expensive display break. Most of the time, its not covered under warranty because its considered negligence on the end user's part.

I've heard it all. When I have to re-image their device it usually perks up their attention and I usually just take any level of privileges away at that point.

Quoting Anonymous 77: It was lay a way day. So we were busy. Management was actively pulling layaways. She wasn't violent, just loud and so it wasnt pressing. It did nothing to the situation because no one that was laughing or shaking their heads was near her or with in earshot. Im sure some customers probably gave her weird looks as they walked in but no one was actively in her face pointing and laughing at her. SM came when he had time, listened to her for 20 minutes. She got to blow off steam for whatever bad day she had,other people got their Christmas presents, and I got a funny story to tell. It all worked out. Had another lady leave kids. She was mad we didn't have some basketball hoop (which jad been sold out for quite some time) she storms out of the store and leaves the children with her behind. 40 minutes goes by she hasn't returned. During the 40 min We were able to call their mom and we had to call the police as well. Mom must've called her and she came back but the police told us not to send the children with her. She grabs them and runs out the door. Police come and have to review footage BC it technically became some sort of kidnapping (not sure exactly what. After I gave my statement I went back to work and SM took over) Those are the kinds of things we dealt with a ranting lady can rant if she wants when there is a line all the way to the bikes in the back of the store. the line is set up as a que so one line for all registers. You got through the que but people would move the ropes rather than make the "long walk to the beginning of the line". We would direct people to the back BC once the ropes are moved then people starting lining up and the line goes down the snooping asleep rather than wrapping around the way it should do people are out of the way of the shoppers. Lady moves the rope, I say ma'am. The line starts back there. She snaps there's no one here so what's the problem. I direct her to look behind her as people were coming through the line correctly and she has now cut them. She got huffy. Another line lady.. The line is full. Id been on the floor grabbing something for a customer and I noticed her in electronics BC of how full her cart was. I grabbed the item and go back to my register she is circumventing a very long line and another cashier says where to go to start in the line. She fflips out and says she has been waiting on the line... Um no you're on the outside of the line, you clearly weren't in it and are now coming up with an overloaded shopping cart (this was a thought not spoken) She refuses to go back to the end and rushes her cart to the next open cashier at the end. I just shook my head. In the 3.5 weeks and 10 shifts I worked we mainly had great patient people but there were few stories in that short period of time of just bad people lol
Quoting Anonymous 78:

Did it improve the situation? I kinda don't think it did. It just added more fuel to the flame imo...but I guess you had to be there.

I don't go to Walmart, so I can't visualize that, sorry. 

Management should of whisked this person off to the side, and tried to diffuse the situation.

Her point was to cause a scene.

Anyways, yes the public can be jerks. My younger daughter has great stories from when she was a waitress in SF during college. She came home one Christmas break and had just quit her job after 2 year. She was a good waitress and apparently put up with a lot of shit because she ranted in the car with me in the garage for about 15 minutes. I felt so bad for her. She was clearly wanting to get that out!

Quoting Anonymous 77: I was on the other side of the front end at that point, think how walmart has their registers so I was far away. But if you calling someone a bitch, ranting loudly, and the people who are WITH you aren't even engaging you in your rant for a LITERAL 30 minutes you deserve to be laughed at by any and everyone. Dont make a spectacle of yourself and not expect the normal people to have a reaction to your crazy.
Quoting Anonymous 78:

I sure hope when you were experiencing this bad event and the other cashiers and customers were coming over laughing this person had already left.

Otherwise, I'm not on your side of this event. It just sounds like it made it worser

Quoting Anonymous 77: This just happened in December. I worked Toys R Us for a seasonal pt job to make some extra vacation money. 1) 2 ladies come to service desk to pick up layaway on the layaway pick up day. The one who needed to do the transaction is on her phone with her husband going over every item on the receipt to ask what she should pick up. She is clearly not ready. She's handing me the wrong receipt to get her started and is holding up the line. I politely ask if I can take the customer behind her until she's ready. It takes 30 seconds to 1 min to process out a layaway. The OTHER woman who is not even shopping says no we were here first. You're not going to make us wait forever. Lady on the phone jist says I'll take everything. So I process her out and ask them to move to the pick up table. Rude lady says to me but not to me. I just didn't like how she was trying to throw us off to the side. I said ma'am I apologize if that offended you. That wasn't my intention. We have a very efficient process and I was just trying to make sure everyone gets their items. She then rants and raves that she wasn't speaking to me and some lil girl (I'm 34 BTW) wasn't going to treat her this way. Im a rude bitch, I'm dumb. I remained calm and said I know this is a stressful time of year and I'd be happy to offer her water. The original lady said yes I'll take a water. I gave her a bottle water. Rude lady is now mad that I didn't lose my cool so she off again. Wants the manager, I'm going to get fired. I tell her ma'am I'm a seasonal employee, I have about 4 more days of work before I'll never work here again. Manager takes 30 min to come because she was crazy and she stood there ranting the entire time. They had another adult and about 5 kids with them. She made them all wait as the weather got increasingly bad so she could rant. All of the other cashiers and customers are coming over to me laughing and shaking their heads. 2) Same TRU. Its 12/22 I think at freaking 1 am. Im the only cashier BC it is 1 am. Its normal for a place of business to have less staff during off peak times. There are about 6- 8 people in line. Guy is pitching a fit because he has to wait mind you he's been waiting for 2 minutes. He comes up bragging BC he made them get me help. (He really didn't all the other registered were closed and it takes 20 min. to set them up) I reminded him of the hour and we don't need 6 registered open for the few people shopping. I am quite the efficient cashier and will have everyone out quickly. He insists that no at 1 am the store should be fully staffed and he saved the day.

by Ruby Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:00 PM
I rememver the very first rude xustomer I had when I started working at 16.
I rang this lady up...she handed me her card BEFORE I finished. I told her the total. I told her her total when I finished. ..and she was just like so bothered and told me to swipe her card. Not the meanest, but I won't forget the rudeness.

There are too many rude ones to count, though.
by Anonymous 81 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:06 PM
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How do people rank so high but don't know how to use this website?

Quoting Phoenix_lament: Marking my spot. Someone like this for me?
by Fawkes on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:10 PM
That doesn't work nearly as well if the post has been buried. I've tried that before and had to go through pages of my own replies because the post wasn't being responded to anymore.

Quoting Anonymous 81:

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How do people rank so high but don't know how to use this website?

Quoting Phoenix_lament: Marking my spot. Someone like this for me?
by Anonymous 17 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:30 PM

It was  in Oregon

Quoting Anonymous 73: We may have worked at the same place. Is this on the same town as a state capitol? We always said we could write a book about the cutomers.
Quoting Anonymous 17:

I worked at a Pharmacy in college. It was a small town that had a very high percentage of special needs group homes.

** I have changed all the names to protect the innocent (or guilty)

So there was Timmy - The autistic little person who was obsessed with short girls and black trench coats. He would sing show tunes at the top of his lungs in the bathroom. He would say bizarre stuff like 'Jeff (our boss) would be very upset if I took a car and smashed it through the front window, then would put his hand to his ear wanting me to repeat back to him what he just said. He was one of my favorites, and no I can't make this shit up.

Barbara- She was a compulsive clepto. So whenever she came in I had to follow her all around the store and make sure she didn't steal anything. I had to chase her out the door a couple times and remind her that she had to pay for it. She would say 'I thought it was free', and I would say 'Nope, not free'. Then she would hand whatever it was back to me. If she didn't walk out with things she would bring items up and ask me how much something was and no matter what I said she would say 'That is too much money and put it back. One time I got a glance in her purse adn it was chalk full of money. I'm not even kidding. She probably had $1000 in there. 

Dan- Grumpy bastard who was a little slow, lived on his own with a roommate and a care taker who came by to check in on them. He would just stand there and ask me ridiculous questions. Then make snarky remarks. LIke one time he asked me when Cheryl was coming back and I told him. He hung out (which was normal) and when another customer came up and asked me a question that I didn't know the answer to he chimes in 'I thought you knew everything'. He was an ass, but it still makes me laugh.

Ron- He would bring in print outs of what he was going to buy and show me and talk about it for ever. The one I remember was a bubble machine. I really liked him, but I heard he had a really bad temper and kicked the shit out of one of his coworkers at Burger King. He was always super chill and happy when I saw him. 

It really was one of the hardest and most entertaining jobs I have ever had. I should write a book.

by Constant vigilance on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:52 PM
Seriously the worst place to work for!!!

Quoting Anonymous 36: I posted about Verizon customer service calls a few pages back. I hated working there.

Quoting Madeyemoody: I once worked for Verizon wireless in their call center. A customer didn’t grasp the concept of talk time minutes and had gone over his causing his normally $80 bill to be $750. Of course that is the call I ended up with. This guy was calling me every name in the book, would not let me put him on hold to transfer him over to the escalation department and just kept going and going. He demanded to know where I was located, for this we are supposed to say a random city...never give a customer your full name and location had been the rule we were taught in I told him “sir I’m located in Dallas.” He said that’s in New Jersey! I know where you are! And the. Decided to call me the R word. I said sir, I’m not the one who just said Dallas was in Jersey and I’m not the one arguing about extra charges because I can’t figure out how minutes work, you might want to rethink your statement and fuck off. I quit the next day.
by Platinum Member on Feb. 9, 2018 at 1:55 PM
Depending on the post and how much reply it is hard to find. Also when you go through the like function it takes you back to where you left off. Versus page 1

Quoting Anonymous 81:

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How do people rank so high but don't know how to use this website?

Quoting Phoenix_lament: Marking my spot. Someone like this for me?
by Anonymous 82 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 2:15 PM
You are a self righteous selfish twatt. You come first and foremost above everyone else. You an ignorant ignoramus.

Quoting Anonymous 33: I have 3 bad customer service stories from same

A few weeks ago I went to get. Tv. There was no one at the counter. She came walking up and asked who was 1st. The older lady said she was. I said she was but Im buying a Tv and she had was a phone card. The worker said she would take care of her card then my tv. I said Im spending more so I should be 1st.

The 2nd was just yesterday. I sent an order for pick up. I guess the lady that was working there called off. They went to get the lady that was covering. This guy came back and said he will be right with ne as soon as he gets his hand held set up. I told him that I already paid that I should not have to wait. He said he was sorry that they had 48 call offs this am. I told him making me wait is wrong.

The other one happened a few months ago. I walked by the paint counter and there was 3 people back there. I asked why they were all doing a 1 person job. The lady said someone ordered 100 gallons of black paint and they were all working together. I asked this white chick why she said black. She could not understand what she said wrong.

The manager I talked to about everything couldnt see the issue.
by Anonymous 19 on Feb. 9, 2018 at 2:20 PM
I might get 🔪🔪 lol
Or I'd probably just slap their hand away and growl something in a demonic voice 😂

Quoting Anonymous 55: Exactly... it's mine back away lol...

Quoting Anonymous 19: The rest of my family (sans dh and the kids) KNOW better than to touch my food.

Quoting Anonymous 55: Oh I've thrown shit at him... and stabbed (not hard) my cousin with a fork for putting his hand in my plate

Quoting Anonymous 19: I think I threw the tray at him once. Ds is 17. They all take food from my plate and it still makes me angry just not to same extent of when I was pregnant.

Quoting Anonymous 55: Ugh my husband does that too... it's like dude I just offered to buy you some food and you didn't want anything yet now you're eating my food....(I can't do the little knife so stabby stabby stabby LMAO)

Quoting Anonymous 19: I'd get so angry, like downright feeling stabby 🔪🔪🔪

I'd offer him his own order of fries or nuggets and he would be all "Nope. This is good." And then take a nugget or fry from my tray. 🔪🔪🔪🔪

Quoting anononononon: Oh god I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has bawled over food while pregnant. You would have thought a family member just died the day McDonald’s gave me the wrong order lol

Quoting Anonymous 19: She had to be pregnant. Seriously, she had to be. lol I used to cry if dh took a fry from my tray. A fucking fry. You'd think he had beaten me senseless with how I carried on though.

Quoting VegetaPrincess:

When I was in high school working at McDonald's we had a lady who wanted a fish sandwich with light mayo. They made it with half the amount of mayo that comes out of the gun which was standard back then when you ordered light mayo. She came back to the encounter enraged because she had asked for light mayo. 

But she wouldn't tell us if she wanted more may or less than what she was given. That sandwich was remade about six times with varying amounts of mayo and each earned the response of "Are you fucking stupid? Is this a fucking joke? Don't you know what light mayo means?" The last one had only a tiny dot of mayo on it. She literally screamed when she opened it. Didn't even have words for that one. Just a horrified scream.

Finally the manager came out and refunded her money and told her we clearly couldn't make her sandwich to her satisfaction. She stood in the lobby and screamed obscenities at us for a few minutes while we totally ignored her and then stomped out in tears. 

Over a fish sandwich. That was the funniest part to us. All that drama over the crappiest item on the menu. 

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