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We're never going to get caught back up

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We got behind on some of our bills in dec and January. Weather related. Dh is back working but he isn't getting many hours. He'll go in and it will start raining and get sent home. If he works all day today. He'll have 30 hr next week. Which will make for a crappy check. i am trying to pay extra on my rent weekly to get it caught up. I am paying weekly until we get it caught up. as of right now i am only able to pay an extra $100 a week and my rent is $825 a month. But i also have a car payment i got behind on and i am paying $100 a week on too. When it is normally $150 biweekly.
His check this week was only $500 Because he didn't even get quite 40 hrs last week. My check was $600 but i get paid bi weekly. But i have $175 car insurance to pay, $100 car, $400 in rent. After all of that well have $200 left. And now it looks like it will rain all next week too.

Next week dh check will be shit and i got my cell phone automatically coming out.

I am waiting on our taxes which isn't much but is enough to get us caught up. But ut hasn't moved past received. It has been there for over a week. I jopr2 it gets deposited next week. Otherwise i won't be able to pay extra on my rent
I just want to get caught up. I am also behind on our credit cards and they are blowing our phone up.

Just a vent after i checked next weeks weather. Ugh
Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 9, 2018 at 11:48 AM
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by Anonymous 19 on Feb. 10, 2018 at 12:03 AM
A full time one at minimum wage.

Quoting Anonymous 2:

What kind of job do you have where you only make $600 every two weeks?  Sounds like you need to get a new job.

by Anonymous 20 on Feb. 10, 2018 at 5:30 AM
Also Georgia does but the kids have to have good grades.

Quoting mammakittykat: I believe New York does it for residents. I remember reading an article about it.

Quoting MooreBoysMama: Which state? I know that a few states pay for 2 years at a Community College, but none that pay 4 years at a state school. I am genuinely interested....

Quoting Anonymous 1: The state lottery pays for it

Quoting MooreBoysMama: What state gives 4 years of college for free?
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