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I might be bashed for this.

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In October I got my iud removed so I could heal up before ttc our second in December and January. Right before Thanksgiving the neighbors above us in our apartment blew out a water pipe and flooded our place condemning the entire building. My dad offered to let us stay(my dad is an abuser so I really didnt want to but we had no choice) until dh is done with LVN classes and then we'll move to the house we bought. 

We still continued with our ttc plans because dh will be done with classes on August 10th. I'm 6 weeks now which puts me due at the end of October/beginning of November. My dad being the antisocial child hating dick that he is, we had to lie and say the dr must have bumped my iud or shifted it somehow so he wouldn't blow up and punch me in the face like he did when I got pregnant with our oldest.

Thats my confession.

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 8, 2018 at 3:59 PM
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by LMAO on Mar. 9, 2018 at 10:35 PM
by Anonymous 31 on Mar. 10, 2018 at 12:34 AM
How are they not in harm's way? You got a congratulatory punch in the face for announcing your first pregnancy yet you figure living with that type of person is OK for your child? You are waaaaayyyyy too stupid to breed.

You have a house that you bought but don't move into. That makes a ton of sense right there.

You're unstable with respect to your living conditions, yet you think it's a great idea to get knocked up. You're just absolutely brilliant.

Quoting Anonymous 1:

they arent in harms way.

Quoting Talkingheads: Why in the fuck did you think it would be OK to put any of your children in harms way? What is the matter with you

by on Mar. 10, 2018 at 9:01 AM
He punched you when he knew you were pregnant, you said he hated kids and is an abuser, yet you moved back in with him with your kids? Renting a room somewhere else would have be better
by Gold Member on Mar. 10, 2018 at 9:11 AM
You could have

Lived with a friend

Lived with a different family member

Lived in a car

Stayed at a shelter

Stayed at a cheap motel for now

Anything is safer than with an abuser

Quoting Anonymous 1:

dh cant transfer to a new school. he has to finish the classes here or end up paying the school he's at now and a new school.

Quoting Anonymous 2: Why cant you just move into the house you bought now?

by Anonymous 9 on Mar. 10, 2018 at 9:21 AM
Yeh I am sure!

Don’t worry about my brightness.. I am not the moron living with an abuser! Lol

I can just imagine what you bought 6 hours away!

In fact still a troll post no one is this stupid!

Quoting Anonymous 1: It wasn't a dump....again you aren't very bright it seems

Quoting Anonymous 9: Lol yet your house that you bought is 6 hours away!

Oh with a job you lived in a dump that was recently condemned and to safe few dollars you and hubby with kids moved to a guy that is abusive!...just overall a success!

Quoting Anonymous 1:

we have really arent the brightest bulb are you?

Quoting Anonymous 9: So in order to save money you are willing to
Move in with an abuser?

No!, I have respect for myself and my kids! I would never and my husband would never expose kids to that!

And AGAIN.. you bought a house knowing your hubby still has school oh yeh the Home is 6 hours away???
People get a home WHEN THEY HAVE A JOB! Lol this way you are not stuck in constant poverty and dumps that are condemned! Lol

TROLL post no one is this stupid!

Quoting Anonymous 1:

why waste the money?

and people who want to move out of their city when they are done with school? how is that hard to grasp?

Quoting Anonymous 9: Let’s try this again.. I’ll type slower.. lol

Move to a new rental, extended stay hotel, heck even rent a room or two!

2nd who on earth gets s house 6 hours away with husband still in school?!!!!

Quoting Anonymous 1:

is reading hard for you? I said why it was condemned in the post.

Quoting Anonymous 9: Must of been a dump so you move to a decent place..


Quoting Anonymous 1:

why is that ridiculous? we didnt know our apartment would be condemned.

Quoting Anonymous 9: You have a home and yet homeless shelter is the only option? Lol extended stay hotel?, rent by week, heck you go live at home and he comes on weekends...

Usually people do not purchase a house before they have a stable career. So you bought a home 6 hours away from his school knowing he has still time left??

You must see how ridiculous that is?????

So I say something doesn’t add up!

Quoting Anonymous 1: Unless we wanted to live with a bunch of druggies and rapists in a homeless shelter yes it was the oknly choice.

Quoting Anonymous 9: Right

To live with an abuser!
Apparently not only there are no rocket scientists there but people with common sense!

Quoting Anonymous 1:

we just bought the house...its 8 hours away and dh is in school. not rocket science to figure out. we have no choice and my dad offered.

Quoting Anonymous 9: No wAy this is true!

You have a house but live in an apartment!? Yes because that makes sense!

Oh and you have to move in with your father and of corse he is abusive.. yet you have a house!

What husband or any man would move to an inlaw that is abusive!!!

I call a troll!

by Gold Member on Mar. 10, 2018 at 9:38 AM

Why would you even tell him your pregnant if he abuses you? Why would you do that to your family KNOWING he was abusive? You did have a choice, you could have found a place to rent in the mean time. Or you know you and the kid can go live at YOUR home while your dh acts like an adult and stays in a motel or a studio apartment until school is done so that way you all are subjected to your father. ffs.

by Platinum Member on Mar. 10, 2018 at 10:48 AM
Why wouldn't you just rent out another apartment on a short term lease? Or stay at an extended stay hotel? Why in the holly fuck would you even tell your dad your pregnant knowing that he hates kids and punched you in the face for being pregnant in the first place?
by Anonymous 32 on Mar. 11, 2018 at 7:51 PM
You’re quite possibly the dumbest woman to walk the Earth. No, you ARE!
Her words “aren’t even close?” She swapped stomach for face from your post. That’s hardly missing something.
Stupid breeds stupid. I pity your current and future children. Your husband is a disgrace as well. What kind of man allows his wife and children to live in a home with a violent abuser? Not an upstanding one with good morals, character, or integrity.
The fact that you are incapable of understanding that needing to lie, even a “white lie”, to keep another person from physically harming you is despicable, only proves just how dense you truly are.
You claim his violent act was 8 years ago and now he just hides in his room, however, if you were not truly still concerned about his behavior you would NOT feel the need to lie to him.

YOU should NOT be a parent or have children in your care. Truth!

Quoting Anonymous 1:

not even close to what she put lol

but again thats called not causing an argument

Quoting Anonymous 13:

"My dad being the antisocial child hating dick that he is, we had to lie and say the dr must have bumped my iud or shifted it somehow so he wouldn't blow up and punch me in the face like he did when I got pregnant with our oldest."

Quoting Anonymous 1:

point out where I said that specifically.

Quoting I.Am.Jester:

Troll harder next time.  You clearly stated you lied so "he wouldnt punch you in the stomach like he did when you got pregnant with your first child."

Quoting Anonymous 1:

to not cause an argument? not hard to grasp there.

Quoting I.Am.Jester:

If he wouldnt even attempt it then why did you have to lie?

You are backtracking, and I call troll.

Quoting Anonymous 1:

he won't even attempt it because his ass would be in jail. he doesn't even talk to anyone. he sits in his room and locks the door.

Quoting I.Am.Jester:

Oh really?  So them seeing your dad punch you in the gut wouldnt harm them in any way?  There is still a chance that could happen, as long as you are there it has a chance of happening.

Quoting Anonymous 1:

they arent in harms way.

Quoting Talkingheads: Why in the fuck did you think it would be OK to put any of your children in harms way? What is the matter with you

by Bronze Member on Mar. 11, 2018 at 8:16 PM

Wow..either you are a troll or you simply make terrible financial and life decisions. A busted water pipe is exactly the type of thing renter's insurance covers. It's damage that you didn't cause that ruined your things. A pipe condemning an entire building? To condemn a building isn't easy to do. What was it Niagra Falls? That's fairly common and dry wall and repair isn't an exhaustive thing.

You can absolutely purchase a home in another state, so that isn't unusual but the red flags come from the rest of this insane story.

My husband wouldn't let a man threaten me regardless of who he is and he certainly wouldn't live under the roof of the man that did that. I certainly wouldn't sit back and be ok with it. But nonetheless your husband is weak and not much of a protector and/or you two are desperate and need to keep your mouth shut to stay somewhere. You seriously need to make better decisions. You have your kid in the home with a known abuser. It doesn't matter that he sits in his room, you have no idea what will set him off and it's apparent he's still a fucked up individual to even say the things he's said to you. He's probably sitting in his room ruminating on beating your ass and kicking you, your kid and your husband out.

But whatever, no one can love your kids more than you, and if you like this situation, then I love it for you.

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