cinderellaIf a fairy godmother showed up and told you that you could have anything, what would you wish for? A million dollars? A house on the Riviera? A pair of shoes that fit you so perfectly it's like they were made for you?

Now you know why Christian Louboutin has signed on to design a pair of official Cinderella slippers for Disney in honor of the movie. It may be the classic rags to riches story. But we live in a world where women are expected to spend something like $16,000 in their lifetime just on shoes. Let's call the movie's popularity what it really is.

A reflection on a girl's relationship with her shoes.

Who hasn't wasted hundreds (OK, maybe thousands) on the hunt for the one pair that will make her feel like a princess? I'm the kind of anti-girly girl who cries at the threat of having to wear a dress -- in fact, I just wore my first pair of 4-inch heels last weekend to a red carpet event for work -- and even I have a closet full of sandals and wedges and more. Finding the perfect pair of shoes that fits you and only you? Now that's a fairy tale ending.

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Of course, we non-fairy tale types don't have real fairy godmothers. We have the Christian Louboutins and the Manolo Blahniks who wave their magic wands at a pile of leather and wood, creating before our very eyes a dizzying display of pumps and stilettos. The mere fact that we'll wear something that makes our arches scream and still feel like a goddess is proof enough that they've got some supernatural hold on us.

Sadly, we'll have to wait until October to jet down a set of stairs feeling like Cinderella herself. Louboutin won't release his newest torture device pair of high heels until Disney lets its Blu-Ray of Cinderella out of its vault this fall.

Be honest, how many pairs of shoes have you bought on the hunt for the perfect pair?