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Diaper Cakes.....very easy!

Posted by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 5:47 PM
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I saw this in another post and thought it was so cute!! It's easy to make and i'm sure very profitable!!

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Have you been invited to a baby shower? Do you want to give the mother-to-be a creative and original gift that she'll actually end up using? If you don't want to spend 80 bucks on a commercial diaper cake, you can now make your own!

Steps   [edit]

  1. To form the top of the diaper cake, roll up a diaper, starting at the 'open' top end.

  2. Wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper to stop it from unrolling.

  3. Add 5 more diapers to the rubber band.

  4. For the middle layer, repeat step 1. Then add a new, bigger rubber band and add about 15 diapers.
  5. For the base, repeat step 2. Add a very big rubber band and add about 30 diapers.
  6. Now that you know how big your cake will be, cut a circular base out of cardboard.
  7. Place the largest layer of the cake on the cardboard base.
  8. Remove one or two diapers and replace with a gift. Inside each layer, hide a surprise such as a coupon, a doll, some cream, or a piece of baby clothing.

  9. Once you have the gifts inserted into each layer, assemble the remaining tiers of the cake.
  10. Secure them together by carefully inserting wooden dowels through each layer from top to base.
  11. Add a ribbon around each layer to cover the rubber bands.
  12. To finish off (and help transport) you can wrap the "nappy cake" in cellophane or netting.

Tips   [edit]

  • Check whether the diapers have a nice print on them. For instance, Pampers size 3 have a beautiful design but Pampers size 1 are very plain and boring.
  • Use different size diapers. Babies will very quickly outgrow sizes 1 and 2, so mix in size 3 or 4 as well. That way the mother doesn't need to disassemble your work right away.
  • The numbers of diapers in each layer are just an indication and will change depending on the brand of diaper and how tight you wrap them.
  • For a fatter cake, add a ring of diapers to each tier.
  • You can buy commercial diaper cakes but people will love the fact that you've put effort into the project.
  • You could do this project with reusable diapers if the parents are environmentally conscious. The cake would be smaller because you don't need as many diapers and they're more expensive.
  • You can use the same directions, but instead of using diapers, use hand towels, decorate with small flowers and add a few small kitchen utensils, and use it as a Wedding Shower gift to the bride to be.

Warnings   [edit]

  • If you plan to let the infant handle the cake, be sure to remove and properly dispose of the wooden dowels and cellophane or netting.
  • Don't damage the diapers with the dowels.

Things You'll Need   [edit]

  • At least two packs of diapers
  • Gifts to hide
  • Rubber bands (various sizes)
  • Wooden dowels
  • Cardboard large enough for the base
  • Colorful ribbons and bows
  • Netting or cellophane

by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 5:47 PM
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Replies (1-5):
by New Member on Aug. 7, 2007 at 3:56 PM
I made a diaper cake for my ex-sister in law, and it turned out absolutely beautiful, and it was so much fun to make! I will try to get pix from her and post them.
by New Member on Aug. 31, 2007 at 3:54 AM
I make diaper cakes for all my friends when they have babies and I usually do it the other way(when the diapers aren't rolled up). I've tried it both ways and rolling them tends to put wear on the diaper...I just take the diapers and make a "pinwheel" out of them(like those yummy little sandwichs you have at parties!).  You do that for each tier and secure it with ribbon.  Simply pinwheel your diapers, take a yard of ribbon and pull it around your pinwheel and tie it.  You want to make sure and have an extra set of hands for the tying part  or until you're pro at it.  I prefer 1 1/2" satin or grossgrain. It looks very cute if you tie the ribbon in a big bow for every tier and make that  the back of your cake.  Then you just start adding baby items of all sorts(lotion, shampoo, powder, binkies, bottles, toys, booties...just about anything will work!)  But WAIT- it gets better! Next, you make Washcloth Lollipops and Burpcloth Candies! get 2 different colored washcloths and fold each one into a 7/8" strip.  After both your strips are folded, lay one on top of the other. Then roll it into a pinwheel(yes, just like the diapers-it must seem like I really like pinwheels!)After you have done this, take a popsicle stick and place it underneath your pinwheel, then wrap white tulle or clear cellopane over it and tie with ribbon! Voila! For the burpcloth candies all you do is roll one burpcloth about the size of a mini soda can(like the ones they serve you in the hospital). Then take another burpcloth and roll it over it and  each end like a tootsie roll and secure with ribbon.  Most importantly-PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHOOSE 2-3 COLORS FOR EVERYTHING AND STICK WITH THEM, OR ELSE YOUR CAKE WILL BE TOO BUSY! I usually use pink and purple, pink and white, purlple and white, blue and white, blue and green....well you get the idea.  I've even done chocolate and pink!
by New Member on Oct. 5, 2007 at 5:03 PM
I make diaper cakes for all my friends who are having babies as well. i have done them both ways.... with the diapers rolled and also with the pinwheel. i like to use silk flowers to "ice" my cakes along with miscellaneous baby items, like pacifiers, teething rings, rattles, etc.
by New Member on Mar. 23, 2013 at 5:29 AM

 These are easy, and fun to make for baby showers, and babies birthdays, if they are still in diapers. I have made several of these cute cakes. definately good gift!!!!


by New Member on Oct. 9, 2014 at 4:48 AM

 my daughter in law made one, it was a 3 tier and it took all of 35 min to make, we did roll each one and wrap with pearlized ribbon, after it got somewhat thick.  it was really cute and the guests at her friends babyshower loved it. very fun to make:)

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