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C Section Stories

Posted by on Sep. 14, 2011 at 12:40 AM
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tell stories of your C Section below

i'll start.

I knew I was going to need one when I was diagnosed with placenta previa. It was marginal so my dr waited until the last possible minute to try to get it to move before scheduling the c section.

When I went to my last prenatal appointment, it was scheduled for the next day. It caught me off guard, and I began to panic. I never had surgery before.

At 6:30 on the morning of August 4, I was at the hospital, being prepped for surgery. They had to try to put the IV in 5 times, because they couldn't find a good vein. They blew out a couple, and I had some wicked bruises for a few days.

At 9:30, the guy who was giving me the spinal block came in and explained it to me.

30 minutes later, they were ready for me. I walked into the OP with the nurses, who were AWESOME, and they adminstered the spinal. Then my SO was allowed in. They began the surgery.

At 10:12, my daughter was born, weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces. It was the most amazing moment of my life. I heard her cry and I began to cry as well. My SO nearly knocked over a table trying to see her. The surgeon and nurses laughed, and told him to calm down. When I saw her, I swear I heard that sappy music they play on TV in my head.

They sewed me up after that, and they sent my SO out of the room. My chest started getting tight, and the nurse told me it was from the surgeon sewing up my uterus. apparently our hormones are centered there, so shortness of breath was to be expected. i still panicked and they gave me a sedative. After that I don't remember much until I was back in recovery.

That was when I was in pain. I wanted my daughter but she was being examined. They had to press on my stomach and that pain was terrible.

6 weeks later, I realize I got through it. My daughter is doing well, and the pain from my c-section has nearly disappeared.

here we are

by on Sep. 14, 2011 at 12:40 AM
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