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AHS Character Bios

Posted by on Nov. 15, 2011 at 5:38 PM
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Vivien Harmon, played by actress Connie Britton, is the wife of Ben and the mother of Violet.  After a miscarriage, Vivien became emotionally and physically distant from Ben.  Ben had an affair with Hayden, but instead of divorcing Ben, Vivien agreed to move from Boston to Los Angeles in order to try and give the marriage another show.

Vivien had sex with a man in a rubber S&M costume, who she believed to be Ben, but the identity of the man is unknown.  She is currently pregnant, with a strange biological tie to the house, which healed her when she began bleeding unexpectedly.  While ben was away in Boston, Vivien and Violet were attact by Bianca and two other worshippers of killer R. Franklin, who killed two students back in the house in 1968.  She managed to fight back and escape, but ever since then Vivien has now had many ghost visitors including Nora Montgomery and Chad.  After being attacked by the walking corpse of Hayden, who Vivien didn’t realize was dead, Vivien learned about Hayden’s pregnancy and then demanded that Ben leave the house


Ben Harmon, played by actor Dylan McDermott, is a therapist who has moved with his wife Vivien and daughter Violet to Los Angeles in order to try and heal his relationship with Vivien and start things fresh.  After Vivien had a miscarriage, Ben resented the fact that she seemed no longer interested in sex and had an affair with Hayden.  Vivien caught him in the act and at the start of the series the couple’s relationship is strained.

The “murder house” that the Harmons unintentionally buy in LA almost immediately starts playing tricks on Ben.  It causes him to sleepwalk, black out and see Moira, a ghost maid, as being her young 80’s self instead of an elderly woman.  Ben was warned by one of the homes previous residents, Larry, that the house was evil and will eventually kill his family.  Ben sees patients out of the his house now, including Tate, who Ben is actively trying to get transferred to a new therapist.  Ben headed back to Boston to be with Hayden during an abortion, but Hayden never went through with it and showed up on his doorstep, threatening to tell Vivien about the baby.

Violet Harmon, played by actress Taissa Farmiga, is the daughter of Ben and Vivien.  She is a teenager who resents her parents, thinking her father is a liar and her mother is weak.  After moving to LA from Boston, Violet took an immediate liking to a mysterious teen boy named Tate, one of her father’s patients.  Tate convinced Violet to invite a mean girl from her school, Leah, down into the basement in order to scare her.  Leah wound up getting attacked by a monster child and left with a horribly scratched face.  Tate seemed to know what would happen all along.

Violet is strong will and it definitely showed when she and her mother were attacked by Bianca and two other home invading worshippers of killer R. Franklin.  Violet and her mother fought back and Violet now sees the house as a place of triumph, where she and her mother stood together.  Violet still sees Tate, despite her father telling her not to.  On Halloween, when the Tate was able to walk free, Violet went to the beach with Tate on a date, but was then disappointed when Tate was unable to perform sexually.  After Tate was ran off to try and lead some other mysterious teens away, Violet spoke with Constance and learned that Constance was Tate’s mother and that Tate had gone on a murder spree at her high school, back in the 90’s, and was now actually a ghost. 


Moira, played by actresses Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy, was once the housekeeper at the estate, but was killed by Constance after Constance caught her and her husband Hugo having what she thought was an affair.  Constance shot Moira in the eye and ever since that moment, back in the 80’s, Moira has become one of the strange “kept ghosts” of the house.  She shows up, as an old woman when the Harmons buy the house and asks to be taken on as their maid.

While Vivien sees the older version of Moira, Ben sees the young, very attractive version that is stuck in a loop of “seducing her employer.”  After Hayden is killed, we discover that Moira’s body is buried in the backyard and that once Ben builds a gazebo over her grave, she is now trapped forever – signaling that her remains might be the key to setting her free.

On Halloween, Moira is able to walk free from the house and goes to visit her dying mother – a woman who she’s probably only been able to visit once a year if at all.  She cuts off her mother’s life support but is unable to go with her mother to the “beyond” since she is trapped by the house and doomed to walk in some sort of limbo.

Tate, played by actor Evan Peters, is introduced on the show as a new patient of Ben’s who dreams of going on a killing spree at his high school and speaks to Ben in a provocative manner in order to try and upset him.  To top it off, Tate also starts visiting Ben’s daughter Violet in her room.  When Ben tells Tate that he can no longer be his therapist, Tate apologizes and it becomes clear that Tate needs Ben.

From the outset, it’s clear that Tate knows the Harmon’s house, convincing Violet to lead a school rival down into the basement to be attacked by a deformed child and helping Violet and Vivien fight off home intruders, chopping on, Bianca, in the stomach with an axe.  Afterwards, Tate, Constance and Moira all clean up the mess.  On Halloween, Tate invites Violet out on a date, but is unable to perform sexually when the moment arises.  While on the beach, Tate and Violet are confronted by teens who Violet believes to be dressed in costumes but who are really Tate’s dead victims, risen on Halloween, back to confront him about the school killings he, in fact, committed back in the 90’s.  Tate, no matter how hard he’s pressed by the teens, is unable to remember killing them.

Contance reveals to Violet later than night that she is Tate’s mother.


Constance, played by actress Jessica Lange, lives next door to the “murder house” and is an aggressively sassy woman who moved to LA from Virginia long ago to try to make it as an actress but saw her dreams dashed when she turned down roles because they required nudity.  Constance acts friendly but has a definite cruel streak that is evident in her treatment of Adelaide, her daughter who suffers from Down syndrome and her attempt to poison Vivien with ipecac-laced cupcakes.

Constance know a lot more than she’s telling as we all saw that she actually killed Moira back in the 80’s when she caught her having an affair with her husband, Hugo.  She still holds a grudge over Moira, who we saw as being an unwilling participant in the “affair,” and taunts her whenever she can.  It was also revealed that Constance is Tate’s mother, which makes the disturbed Tate Constance’s secondly ghost connection to the house.

After her daughter Adelaide is killed on Halloween night, the victim of a hit and run, Constance felt regret and remorse over the loss and put make-up on Addy’s face at the morgue so that she could be “pretty.”

Adelaide or “Addy,” played by Jamie Brewer, is the daughter of Constance.  Addy has Down syndrome, a condition that has caused Constance to resent her.  She is first seen, as a little girl back in the 70’s on the day when twin brothers Troy and Brian are killed while vandalizing the “murder house.”  Addy had warned them that they would die, but they didn’t listen.

As a grown up, Addy still warns new tenants, including the Harmons, that they will die in the house, but it’s also clear that she’s friendly and playful.  Addy, however, is unable to stay away from the house because her “friends” are there and it becomes a constant frustration for the Harmons.  During the home invasion, Addy ran back home to get help, but Constance instead locked her in a closet full of mirrors to torment her.

Addy had a crush on Travis, Constance’s much younger lover, which gets her in trouble with Constance.  Allowing her to be a “pretty girl” on Halloween, Constance gets Addy a rubber girl mask and lets her go out trick ‘r’ treating.  Addy is then killed when she is hit by a car while crossing the street, and died in her crying mother’s arms.

Larry the burn guy.jpg

Larry, played by Denis O’Hare, seems to be one of the few *living* people on this show that knows the evil of the house. Larry used to live in the house, but he tells Ben that it caused him to burn his wife and daughters to death in the house, leaving him alive and covered in 2nd degree burns. Larry says that he was recently released from a mental institution because he has inoperable brain cancer and doesn’t have much long to live.

Larry has formed an odd relationship with Ben, both trying to warn him about the house and take advantage of Ben’s dire situation. Larry showed up to kill Hayden with a shovel, saying that he did it so that Ben didn’t have to. But now Larry is demanding $1,000 dollars from Ben or else he’ll tell the cops about Hayden’s body being buried in the backyard. On Halloween, Larry and Ben had a standoff which saw Larry knock out Ben and tie him up, planning to burn the house down once again. Chad stepped in to stop Larry however.

There were a few episodes when the audience wondered is Larry was real or not as Ben was the only one seeing him, but Violet definitely heard Larry on Halloween, and some Trick ‘r’ Treaters saw him as well. The house now seems to also want Ben to burn his family alive, as seen in the pilot episode with Ben sleep walking and playing with the stove.

Pp 1319665039.jpg

Chad, played by actor Zachary Quinto, is a gay man who lived in the house right before the Harmons.  He and his lover Patrick were suffering from a strained relationship during the time they died due to Patrick’s philandering ways.  Chad, resigned to try and just make things work in order to keep up appearances was busy trying to carve pumpkins and make decorations for a Halloween party, that would give the house more of a family-friendly appeal, when he was attacked by the Gimp and drowned in his own apple-bobbing bin.

Chad showed up again on Halloween, as a new ghost, helping the Harmons get their house ready for Halloween.  Vivien mistakes him for a “fluffer,” someone her real estate agent was going to send in to help spruce up the estate.  Chad and Patrick’s drama winds up getting them kicked out of the house and Chad then starts destroying the outside decorations.  It’s clear that Chad still cares about the house and how it looks when he stops Larry from burning it down.

I was also revealed that Chad and Patrick also fell into the “money pit” trap and were actively trying to sell the house.  They had planned to buy it and flip and now all their collective money was tied up in the property

by on Nov. 15, 2011 at 5:38 PM
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by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:31 PM

Patrick, played by actor Teddy Sears, was a gay man who lived in the house right before the Harmons with his lover Chad. Patrick was cheating on Chad with guys he would meet at the gym and after a fight the two of them have on Halloween, Patrick is killed by the Gimp after he sees it drowning Chad. We’re not sure how Patrick was killed, since it happened off screen, but their deaths were ruled a murder/suicide so it seems clear, because Chad was drowned, that Patrick was the one the police thought committed the murder.

On Halloween, Patrick returned to the house with Chad, and got caught up in the same drama-loop that the two of them were going through when they died. Meaning that Patrick is eternally “promiscuous” now, even hitting on Ben upstairs in the Harmons bathroom.

Maria, played by actress Rosa Salazar, was a quiet, religious nursing student back in 1968 who stayed home while the rest of her housemates went to a Doors concert and opened the front door to R. Franklin, believing he was a man in distress.

Franklin noticed her crucifix necklace and asked Maria if she thought she could be saved, before knocking her out with an ashtray. Maria woke up on a couch, being stared at by Franklin and once again being asked if she thought she could be saved. Franklin then forced her to put on her nurse’s uniform, hog-tied her and stabbed her to death.

It seems clear, that although Tate helped Vivien and Violet in their struggles with the Franklin-worshipers who invade the house decades later, that it was Maria and fellow-victim Gladys who finished the job down in the basement. Maria reappears with Gladys to kill Dallas and Fiona.


Gladys, played by actress Celia Finkelstein, was the second of R. Franklin's victims back in 1968. After her nursing-school house mate Maria opens the door to the mass murder, Gladys is dragged by Franklin to the bathroom and drowned in the bathtub while he screamed "Fatty Patty."

Gladys' ghost reappears later on, during the present day, with Maira's, to help kill Dallas and Fiona down the basement of the house after the Franklin-worshipers try to reenact the 1968 killings.

Maria and Gladys are shown again on Halloween morning, walking back to the house after their night of freedom.


Charles Montgomery, played by actor Matt Ross, was the architect and original owner of the house. Building the house back in 1922 for his wife Nora, Charles was a “prominent doctor to the stars” who developed both an addiction to ether and a “Frankenstein complex.”

While going broke and losing prestige during his addiction, Nora arranged for him to perform illegal abortions for young starlets in their basement. When one of the girl’s boyfriends finds out about an abortion, the man vows “an eye for an eye" and abducts Charles and Nora’s infant son, returning him dismembered and in jars. Charles then loses his mind and attempts to reassemble his boy, stitching him back together…but the rest of the story remains untold as of yet.

830px-Nora (Past).jpg

Nora Montgomery, played by actress Lily Rabe, was the wife of surgeon Charles Montgomery. She was a socialite who was accustomed to a certain lifestyle and began to grow dissatisfied with her husband’s drug addiction and waning wealth. To pay the bills, Nora arranged for her husband to perform illegal abortions, but it all back fired when one of the girls told her boyfriend and that boyfriend kidnapped and killed her infant son, dismembering him and putting his parts in separate jars.

Afterwards, Nora went down to the basement to give Charles a lace gown to bury their son in and was horrified to find him sewing their child back together.

Nora has appeared to Vivien in the present day as a ghost, but Vivien mistakes her for a potential buyer for the home, not noticing the gaping head wound Nora has on the back of her head. Nora’s ghost now has a fixation with both the house and with small children, particularly Vivien’s unborn child.

Nora also returned on Halloween to free Ben from his ropes, claiming that she would not suffer through another male failing to succeed in the house.

by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:32 PM

Very little is known about the Rubber Man or "the Gimp" as he is more commonly known.

When Ben and Vivien first moved into the house, they saw the rubber S&M costume in the attic and figured it belonged to the “previous owners.”  However the house has had so many past inhabitants that it’s still not clear who the suit belonged too.

What we do know is that someone dressed in the suit had sex with Vivien, with her assuming it was her husband Ben and that the Gimp, shown in a flashback, is definitely responsible for the deaths of Chad and Patrick – which were later billed as a murder/suicide.  We still don’t know who the Gimp is or why he does what he does (sexes some, murders others).  The last time we saw him, he was in the house on Halloween, looking at Violet.

Possible candidates for the Gimp:

  • Tate, who once dressed up in the costume to scare Violet.
  • Charles Montgomery, although it’s not clear that that type of sado-gear existed back in the 20’s.
  • Someone we haven’t met yet.
by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:33 PM

830px-The twins.jpg

Troy and Bryan were two twin red-headed boys who decided to try and vandalize the house back in 1978. A young Adelaide warns “You’re going to die in there,” but they don’t listen to her.

The twins are killed in the basement of the house right after they discover a bunch of jars with body parts in them. A monster child, that also attacked Leah in the present day, kills them and on Halloween they returned to mess up decorations and throw eggs at Ben – still stuck in a loop of pranks and vandalism. They are also seen playing with Addy and might be the ones she refers to as “her friends” over at the Harmon’s house.


Kyle, played by Brando Eaton, was a student at Westfield High in 1994 when his classmate, Tate Langdon, went on a shooting spree during school hours.  

Kyle, with the help of Kevin, barricaded himself and four other in the school library.  Tate found his way in though and killed all of them.  Kyle was killed second to last when he decided he'd had enough of hiding and went to confront Tate.  He was shot in the head.

Kyle's ghost, free to walk about on Halloween, confronted Tate with the rest of the Westfield victims while Tate was out at the beach with Violet.  However, as much as the ghosts tormented Tate, who was also a ghost, could not remember what he had done to them.


Amir, played by Alexander Nimetz, was one of Tate Langdon's shooting victims back in the 1994 Westfield High Massacre. Amir was hiding in the library with Kyle, Chloe, Steph and Kevin when Tate entered and started killing them.

Kyle silently motioned to Amir to grab the phone that was next to him to call for help. Before Amir could finish dialing, Tate had found him and shot him in the face. Amir was an honor student with a bright future.

Amir's ghost, free to walk about on Halloween, confronted Tate with the rest of the Westfield victims while Tate was out at the beach with Violet. However, as much as the ghosts tormented Tate, who was also a ghost, could not remember what he had done to them.

Chloe, played by Ashley Rickards, was one of Tate Langdon's victims in the 1994 Westfield High Massacre. She and her boyfriend Kyle were in the library when Tate entered and started killing everyone inside.

Chloe and Kyle were hiding under a table, listening to the other teens get shot. After Kyle tried to confront Tate and got killed, Chloe was the last to die, losing control of her bladder before being shot in the heart.

Chloe's ghost, free to walk about on Halloween, confronted Tate with the rest of the Westfield victims while Tate was out at the beach with Violet. However, as much as the ghosts tormented Tate, who was also a ghost, could not remember what he had done to them.

Chloe told Tate that after she was murdered her parents divorced and moved away from Los Angeles.

by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:35 PM


Steph, played by Alessandra Torresani, was a goth girl who was one of Tate Langdon's victims in the 1994 Westfield High Massacre.

Steph was in the library, when Kevin entered and warned everyone that someone was shooting. While hiding from Tate behind one of the library's book shelves, Steph was discovered by Tate, who knocked some books over on her head before shooting her.

Steph's ghost, free to walk about on Halloween, confronted Tate with the rest of the Westfield victims while Tate was out at the beach with Violet. However, as much as the ghosts tormented Tate, who was also a ghost, could not remember what he had done to them.

When Steph recounted what happened to her, she said that Tate asked her "Do you believe in God?" before shooting her. This did not occur in the episode "Piggy, Piggy," when we got to see exactly what happened during the shooting.

Kevin, played by Jordan David, was one of Tate Langdon's victims in the 1994 Westfield High Massacre.

Kevin was the one who actually ran into the library and told everyone inside that someone was shooting up the school. Kevin barricaded the door, but overlooked another door on the other side of the library. Tate entered through that door and started systematically stalking and shooting everyone inside. Including Kevin.

Kevin's ghost, free to walk about on Halloween, confronted Tate with the rest of the Westfield victims while Tate was out at the beach with Violet. However, as much as the ghosts tormented Tate, who was also a ghost, could not remember what he had done to them.


Hayden, played by actress Kate Mara, is an emotionally unstable former student of Ben’s who Ben had an affair with.  But even though Ben’s wife Vivien caught them having sex, Ben still wound up going back to Hayden later on and lying to Vivien about it.  It’s during *that* time that Hayden got pregnant.

In “Home Invasion,” Ben went back to Boston to be with Hayden while she had an abortion, but when Ben got a distressing phone call, he left to head back to LA and Hayden didn’t go through with it.  Hayden then showed up in LA, still with child, threatening to tell Vivien everything.  Larry killed Hayden with a shovel, strangely rescuing Ben from having to deal with her and, perhaps, even murder her himself.  Ben buries Hayden in their backyard, next to the bones of Moira, and then builds a gazebo over the grave.

On Halloween, Hayden returned to torment Ben and Vivien.  Vivien just assumed she was alive and Ben thought that she and Larry had faked her death to try and extort money from him.  Hayden is taken into custody by private security officer Luke, but then vanishes from the backseat of his patrol car when Halloween comes to an end and she had to return to her grave.
by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:37 PM

Bianca, played by actress Mageina Tovah, was a worshiper of killer R. Franklin who scouted out the Harmon's house by posing as one of Ben's patients. After Ben heads off to Boston for a few days, Bianca returns to the house with fellow cultists Fiona and Dallas to try and reenact the 1968 murders by drowning Violet and dressing Vivien up like a nurse so she could be stabbed to death.

Things begin to go wrong for the trio after Violet tells Fiona that the original bathtub used to kill Gladys was down in the basement and Bianca eats an ipecac-laced cupcake made by Constance. Already crippled by the cupcake, Bianca is killed when Tate stabs her in the stomach with an axe - which played off the fear she had of being cut in half that she previously confessed to Ben.

Fiona and Dallas are killed down in the basement by the ghosts of Franklin's original victims, Maria and Gladys.


Sally, played by Adina Porter, was a patient of Ben's who tried to kill herself in front of Ben, by cutting her arms, after Ben went into a bizzare catatonic state.  Sally complained that her husband thought she was the most boring woman alive and so when she saw how "disinterested" Ben was in her plight she reacted hysterically.  

Sally wound up trying to kill herself again after the session by taking a bunch of pills.  She wound up in a coma and since her session with Ben was recorded, the police stopped by to question Ben.  They determined that Ben was cold-hearted and, for whatever reason, had driven this poor woman to attempted-suicide by acting oblivious to her pain.  The reason for Ben's blackout would later be explained as him having trace elements of a numbing opiate (one used for surgieries decades ago) in his system - possibly a ghostly leftover from the days of Charles Montgomery, who was often high on ether.

Derek, played by Eric Stonestreet, was a patient of Ben's who was terrified of Urban Legends who might appear via bathroom mirror. One in particular, Piggy Man, scared Derek more than others and it got to the point where Derek didn't shower, shave or sleep because he was too afraid.

Ben convinces Derek to actually go home and say the Piggy Man chant into his mirror ("Hey piggy pig pig") into the mirror and face his fear. When Derek says the words, his shower curtain is pulled back and a robber shoots him dead. The robber was hiding, but believed that Derek was actually looking for him and calling him a pig.

by head admin. on Nov. 15, 2011 at 7:40 PM


Luke, played by actor Morris Chestnut, is an agent for a private security company that comes to install house alarms on the property after Vivien and Violet survived a home invasion. Luke shows Vivien how to work the alarms, and then shows up again on Halloween to stop Hayden from attacking Vivien in the bathroom with a piece of broken glass.

Luke was on his way to deliver Hayden to the police when Hayden vanished from her handcuffs, and the backseat of his car.


Leah, played by actress Shelby Young, is a bitchy teen bully at Violet’s high school who harasses Violet about smoking. When Leah’s bullying doesn’t stop, Tate convinces Violet to tell Leah that she’s a dealer and will sell her drugs if she meets her in the basement of Violet’s new house. Tate, telling Violet that he intends to scare Leah, laughs maniacally as Leah is attacked by some sort of monster child. Leah suffers a nasty scratch to her face and runs screaming out of the basement.

The next time we see Leah, she and Violet are somehow friends – with Leah now feeling that Violet is the only one she can talk to about the supernatural “incident.”


R. Franklin, played by actor Jamie Harris, pre-dated Manson with his brutal home invasion in 1968 when he convinced a young religious student named Maria to open the door to her boarding house, claiming he’d been badly injured and needed to make a phone call.

When inside, Franklin knocked Maria out with an ashtray and drowned nursing-student Gladys (screaming “Fatty Patty”). He then made Maria dress up like a nurse before hog-tying her and stabbing her. It was revealed later that Franklin had some bad experiences with nurses, involving a bad experience with mercury in a broken thermometer, while growing up which deeply disturbed him and caused him to kill. Franklin also seemed to have issues with religion, as he asked Maria several times if she thought she could be saved.

In the present day, Vivien and Violet Harmon are attacked by a trio of psychos who worship Franklin and want to re-create his 1968 murders.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has said that the character was inspired by the real life killings of Richard Speck.

Billie Dean Howard, played by Sarah Paulson, is a medium who is friends with Constance.

Constance found Billie while trying to figure out a way to help the lingering ghost of her son, Tate, remember what he had done (Westfield High Massacre) so that he could move on and go on to the afterlife.

Billie is brought in to try and help initiate Violet to Constance's plan and freaks Violet out by correctly revealing something that Violet's dying grandmother told Violet, that no one else would no. ("They don't understand you.")

Later on, Billie channels the spirit of Addy, even adding a lisp to her speech, so that Constance could talk to her one last time and apologize for never telling Addy that she loved her. From what we can tell, the "channeling" was the real deal.

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