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Posted by on Dec. 3, 2011 at 9:39 AM
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hey everybody. heres a bit about me.

i am a 37-year-old first timer in the mom dept, and i am hoping that the fear of being too old to start this doesnt get in the way of my longtime desire to build a family. i am just past my first trimester, and am expecting a june 2012 bundle of joy. i am going to do everything within my power NOT to have a hospital birth. i want to have a home/water birth, completely natural. heres to hoping it goes well.

i have had some anxiety in this dept, because i was born premie, with asthma. had it my whole life. hope it doesnt get in the way of what i will need to do when the labor and birthing time comes.

i am an only kid, and have no parents left to speak of. lost my mom at nineteen. never knew my dad. i was "the mailmans kid", from what ive been told. grew up in kentucky, and was a lil hellcat when i was a teenager. couldnt wait to get out of this place. after mom died, i started to explore my gypsyfoot nature, trying to figure out what life was all about. i have wandered the US off and on since then, living out of cars, tents, and the like. i like the idea of communal living, and have tried it on several occasions, but it never lived up to my ideal. i have been searching for my tribe ever since mom died. --still searching.

i love body modification and body art. it was the self expression that got me through alot of my pain of grief and other big emotional milestones in my adult life. at one point i was hoping to have a complete body suit, but, i have had to slip into survival mode with my funds the past several years, and that dream doesnt seem so attainable or important to me now. i pretty well covered from head-to-toe, tho, and it gets more attention than i am comfortable with most of the time. my tattoos are very personal to me-- i am not an exhibitionist.

i have tried going to school to study human services and social work, and (finally) got finished with a two-year-degree. i enjoy helping people, but find it hard to work in the field when i get discriminated against for the way that i look.. i also consider myself to be an empath, and have done healing work with massage and reiki. some of my time on the road has been spent reading tarot cards for festivals. i love doing tarot. :)

i guess i walk to my own beat. :)

i have spent alot of my adult life going solo. traveled x-country by myself early on, and, while i love to be part of a group, i dont like being the center of attention.... i usually hang back in crowds and people-watch. if you are familiar with myers-briggs, i am considered to be an INFJ...

"The Sage (INFJ)" In general, INFJs are future oriented, and direct their insight and inspiration toward the understanding of themselves and, thereby, human nature. Their work mirrors their integrity, and it needs to reflect their inner ideals. Solitude and an opportunity to concentrate thoroughly on what counts most is important to them. INFJs prefer to quietly exert their influence. They have deeply felt compassion, and they desire harmony with others. INFJs understand the complexities existing within people and among them. They do not call a great deal of attention to themselves, preferring that their contributions speak for them. They are at their best concentrating on their ideas, ideals, and inspirations.

i like living as close to hippie ideals as possible- such as living simply, eating healthy, trying to keep my life clear of too many "things" and being aware of how i live impacts the space around me. i am a practicing buddhist, but i am not a purist in that regard. i also take from pagan thought/ritual, hindu mantra practice, and have gone back to the teachings of christ as well. i like to see the common thread in spirituality.

i have come back to kentucky after a recent six month trek on the road to the west coast and the soutwest. i had been hoping to find an intentional community to join in washington or oregon, and when that didnt happen, i tried to go back to root down in the mountains of the southwest that i fell in love with ten-plus years ago. it didnt work, and i came back to my old hometown after reconnected with an old friend that i had a huge crush on back in the day. i had only been back a month when i got pregnant. looks like i am going to have to learn to settle down for a bit.

anyway, thats probably more about me than you guys wanted to know. haha. i am looking forward to connecting with some like-minded souls out here in cyberspace, and hopefully gaining some support so i dont have to do this one "solo".... thanks ladies.

-liz moon

by on Dec. 3, 2011 at 9:39 AM
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by Joyce-Group Owner on Dec. 5, 2011 at 8:37 PM

 Hey Liz! Welcome to the group. We are a little slow but we're here for you. Are there any questions you might need answered?

by on Dec. 6, 2011 at 10:15 AM

hey maeham! {{love the name! ;-)}}

thanks so much for the response....

its funny, ive got SO many questions....

ive got tons of people telling me i need to go to the hospital for this birth.... i hope my midwife has more faith in the fact that im not too old or whatever for a homebirth...

its interesting to note that many people consdier homebirthing "going backwards" in regards to feeling like we Need to use modern advances if they are available.... i dont know why, but i wasnt expecting that.

i have also gotten a bit of support through this site, already, which is awesome.

nice to connect out there~

will post how it goes with my first appt with my midwife later this week...


by on Dec. 6, 2011 at 10:23 AM

i am very interested in hearing about folks experiences about things like co-sleeping, cloth diapering, herbs and pregnancy, breastfeeding, and intergrating veg.raw diets....

im a newbie with the momhood~ its already an interesting adventure, and ive barely started. heh. ;-)

by Joyce-Group Owner on Dec. 6, 2011 at 2:15 PM

 Thanks! Mae is my DD, Ham is my oldest son. I have four children, all of them were c-sections for medical reasons. Jill, another member knows way more about home birth then I do so I will hunt her down and send her over. :)

I cloth diaper (you'll see CD used a lot) and co-sleep/room in with all four of my children. I also use mainly "un-paper" products. It can be intimidating at first but it is not as hard or gross as it sounds.

I understand what you are saying about people thinking home-birthing or cd'ing is going backwards. It worked for our grandparents, why won't it work for us??

I think my biggest pregnancy advice would be to drink plenty of water and exercise. Not heavy duty stuff but walking and stretching will help a lot when you get ready to deliver.

by on Dec. 6, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Hello liz. I'm one handed typing with a baby on my lap so I just wanted to welcome you. I'll be back later to see what I can contribute. 

by on Dec. 6, 2011 at 5:16 PM

Hey Liz! I do have experience with home birth or at least preparing for one. I have a lot of experience with natural birth though and birthing techniques I've never actually had one but I planned & tried for one. I was planning a vaginal home birth after 2 cesareans (hba2c) with a midwife. However I had some real complications that led me to be in the hospital and end up with another cesarean. I did a lot of self educating though and learned a lot so hopefully I can help with some questions you have!

Have you found a good home birth midwife?

I have several books to suggest for you! A great place to start is with Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth" & "Spiritual Midwifery."

Birthing From Within is also a great book!

Are you planning on using some birthing techinques such as Hynobirthing or Hypnobabies? I read Hynobirthing & used it through some extremely intense pitocin induced contractions & it helped me immensely! These are both great ways to learn how to deal with normal childbirth.

by on Dec. 6, 2011 at 5:20 PM

Some advice for a healthy pregnancy is check out the Brewer's Diet! Eating healthy, leafy greens such as kale (an awesome superfood!!) & greens. Also eating a wide variety of colors....fruit & veggies will help you have an awesome pregnancy. Avoiding preservatives & processed foods is important. Getting plenty of regular exercise will help with normal annoying pregnancy aches & pains! I noticed a drastic change in how I felt since I ate extremely healthy and exercised this last pregnancy (my baby is 10 weeks old!).

I can't stress to you enough how important eating & being healthy will help you have the birth you want. Eating healthy allows your body to work the way it should because you are giving it everything you need! In fact you can help prevent tearing because your tissues & skin are healthy & can stretch the way they need to....crazy right? Water is a biggie too! Eating 100 grams of lean protein a day is another thing.

by on Dec. 7, 2011 at 12:02 PM

hi christine! ::waves::

by on Dec. 7, 2011 at 12:07 PM

hi mrs jconney~

thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. i am definitely into doing lots of good veg and have taken up walking regularly since i got preggo. i do keigels every time i can remember (lol) but alot of my friends are say squats are where its at- not keigels. guess im going to start trying to do some squat everyday. i am not super bendy, altho i do love yoga. ;-)

i am really intrigued about this hypnobirthing stuff i am reading about. can one do it for herself, or do you have to "go under"? hmmmmm.

my biggest thing right now is making sure i get some protein every day- im living on mostly a veg diet, and i do alot of soy burgers and the like. :-p

ive also been intrigued about co-sleeping, but nervous, cos me and my 6'4 guy toss and turn alot thru the night, plus we share the bed with two cats. it feels crowded already! ha. i did set up a crib Right Beside the bed, and i plan on bringing baby into the bad after my man goes to work in the early mornings... hopefully we can still bond well that way without sleeping the whole night thru together... :-/

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