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Cheney Says Bush Tax Cuts Increased Deficit

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yup, that's right ... Dick Cheney was interviewed and admitted
Bush Tax Cuts caused JOB LOSS
Bush Tax Cuts caused Dow to DROP
Bush Tax Cuts caused HIGH Unemployment
Bush Tax Cuts cause HUGE Deficit through 2013

The next time you hear a Republican say ending the Bush Tax Cuts is a tax increase on "job creators"

... remind them Bush Tax Cuts created HUGE Deficit through 2013

... remind them Bush/Cheney first 32 months of Bush Tax Cuts 2.6 Million Jobs LOST

... remind them Bush Tax Cuts increased unemployment by 49%

... remind them ending Bush Tax Cuts for the Top 1% for one year could have paid for the war

... remind them in 2010 the Republicans held Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage in exchange for extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the Top 1%
(Thus making the Bush Tax Cuts the GOP Tax Cuts)

... remind them of Dick Cheney's words: "Bush Tax Cuts were 25% of the Deficit in 2003"

... ... hmmm ... what percent of the deficit are those tax cuts today?

by on Apr. 29, 2012 at 1:36 PM
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by on May. 1, 2012 at 7:31 AM

She does not understand the diference between Tax Rates and Tax Revenue, it simply is beyond her. Knowledge is out there, I have rarely seen anyone as easily able to evade it as her.

Quoting 29again:

But when the rate is lowered, more money is available to invest, to improve, etc.  That results in more hiring, which results in more people working, or more people earning more money for their work.  And then, since more are working (or earning more) there will be increased revenue, even though the rates are lower. 

Quoting lga1965:

The taxes we all pay become INCOME/revenue for the Government. If we all pay less (due to lower tax rates) to the government, where will the revenue come from? 

Quoting Carpy:

She doesn't understand it because it is wrong.  History shows when tax rates have been lowered revenue INCREASED

Quoting lga1965:

 Tax rates lowered is the same as lowering taxes--same thing. Both result in less revenue for the Government... and that causes higher debt. Why don't you understand that?

Telling me I don't belong here boosts your ego ....but it is harsh and ridiculous.

Quoting asfriend:


Quoting lga1965:


ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Noun 1. tax revenue - government income due to taxationtax revenue - government income due to taxation    
government income, government revenue - income available to the government
internal revenue - government revenue from domestic sources (excluding customs)
Tax income due to taxation is REVENUE ( Income) If we do not pay taxes, the government's revenue/income decreases. If there are massive tax cuts. the Government's income decreases dramatically and the national debt rises. Therefore, Bush's Tax Cuts were bad for the economy. Makes sense,doesn't it?

You seriously don't belong in this thread.

He reduced tax rates. The reduced rates spurred investment. More investment meant more income, to be taxed, which even at the lower rates meant more income to the treasury.  Lower tax rates bring more income to the treasury, Reagan did it, Bush did it, Clinton to some extent did it. Works everytime it is tried.

Bush didn't lower taxes he lower tax rates. - This is so easy to look up and verify that it's ridiculous.




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