We're now in Round 3. Who's the craziest, tell us with your votes!

We're releasing one every day. Then we'll take the crazies with us to the Final Round!

Round 3 - Cuckoo Crazy Region

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor vs Dan Quayle
Eric Cantor
90.91 %
Dan Quayle
9.09 %

Dan Quayle

John Bolton
John Bolton vs Christine O'Donald
John Bolton

87.50 %
Christine O' Donnel

12.50 %

Christine O'Donnel

Round 3 - Batpoop Crazy  Region

Allan West

Darrell Issa

Donald Trump

Joe Wilson

Round 3 - Screwball Region

Michelle Bachmann

Herman Cain

Fred Thompson

Sarah Palin

Round 3 - Fruitcake Region

Rick Santorum

Joe Walsh

Dick Cheney

Newt Gingrich