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President Obama - 2012 He is the President for all . . .



Question: Do you pay for your own healthcare? If you do, how much does it take out of your family's budget on a monthly basis?


Less than $300 a month

Between $300 and $400 a month

Between $400 and $500 a month

Between $500 and $600 a month

Between $600 and $700 a month

Between $800 and $900 a month

Over $900.00 a month

Over $1,300 a month

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President Obama deserves a 2nd term in office. It took many years to get us in the mess we are in and it will take more than 2 years for the President to make positive changes that hopefully will change the course of our history. I am tired of selling our democracy to large Corporations. We the people need to take our power and voice back. President Obama has made great strides is seeing that the American dream is able to be realized by everyone . . . not just a select few.

He is committed to making healthcare a right of every American. He is committed to seeing that any child that wants to go to college can. He gives me HOPE and has kept me together during periods of unemployment and despair.

I was a Republican my entire life until Barack Obama ran for President. He was the first Democrat I ever voted for and his Presidency and term in office has changed by political views and beliefs forever. I will support him in his re-election and am embarrassed that I ever considered myself a Republican.

I applaud the work that the President has tried to carry out and I thank him and his family for all they have done to help make this country a better place.

by on Jun. 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM
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by on Jun. 16, 2012 at 2:54 PM
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luv! when "like" just won't do!

Quoting Meadowchik:

Quoting theyaremyheart:

OBAMA 2012 . . . he has not created this mess we are in. Obama helped create the mess by opposing regulations for Fannie-Freddie Mac, he is one of many who created it, including him, other Dems AND Reps.

He has been the clean up man since he took office. He's made more messses. Of course you are going to have to spend more money when someone else drives the economy into the ground . . . that my friends is common sense. "Spend more money" comes in many forms and amounts, spending much more than we take in is a recipe for even worse problems...Obama has been running TRILLION dollar deficits and creating more deficits for the future with the ACA.  And the Stimulus was poorly implemented, doing a pathetically small amount of "shovel-ready" projects. What would you rather do? Have people that lost their jobs starve? The truth of the matter is is that we as a nation have to decide what our priorities are. Yes, some of us have scraped by when we had to and sacrificed to pay off debt--there's all sorts of choices people are making---there are many of us who oppose the ACA but support targeted federal reforms and state reforms.  For those who still have jobs and healthcare through their employers, healthcare is a non-issue but for those who have lost their jobs and healthcare, it is an issue. For those with children with illnesses it is an issue. Thank God now children with pre-existing conditions like asthma must have access to health insurance. There have been a lot of changes put in place to protect EVERY American. We cannot go backwards . . . we must go forward. Prove to me that Obama's "forward" is better...I don't have a reason to believe it would be, this has been one of the weakest "recoveries" of any recession in modern history.  What is our countries choice right now? To elect someone like Mitt Romney who has made a career and who has lined his pockets with taking over companies and firing people. He has also built up failing companies and made them successful.  Do you realize that Obama's admin has given taxpayer-funded loans to companies who are also HIS campaign bundlers, companies who have gone on to fail miserably?  Do you realize that he has thrown away millions on questionable loans, with taxpayer money??  This  is insane. This is NOT what this country needs. Do you really want a President who cares so much for his country that he sends our jobs overseas and banks his money overseas???? Also helped jobs be created overseas!  Also invested in overseas banks to increase his investment power in US business!  Also donated his time to save the SLC Olympics, also served as governor and passed healthcare reform that HIS STATE WANTED (unlike Obama with the country and Obamacare.)Is that what a true American does??? Is that what a Patriot does???? We need someone who is going to protect our country (and not just with a strong military). Do you all understand that having a country where EVERYTHING is manufactured by other countries is just as dangerous as having a weak military????? Romney has urged finalizing of negotiations for international trade agreements and wants to even the playing field with China, Romney wants to boost American businesses .  Yes, a patriot does that!  To question Romney's character is ludicrous. Does anyone out there see that? If you had to depend on some foreign entity for everything . . . you are very vulnerable and dependent. GREED is destroying this nation and the party that claims to have a stronger relationship with God has really a stronger relationship with the almighty dollar. What nonsense! Conservatives give more money to charity, and volunteer more TIME, and give blood more often; Does anyone see that we have a nation controlled by a few rich entities at the top? And do you realize that Obama has been a VERY Corporatist president?  We need to refocus on what we are doing here. Voting for Mitt Romney is not the answer. It would only bring things back to where they were. His policies are what has gotten us into this mess. That's false...the responsibility lies with many individuals and with BOTH parties, and Obama had a hand in it as US Senator, and he continues forward with poor leadership.  If you really want to vote for him, then I suggest the first thing you do when your child graduates from college is get him or her a good set of luggage, a passport and send them on their way, because that is what your child will need to get a job. He or she will need to pack up and leave the US. Is that what you want? Don't send that child to Europe, because the job search there is even worse, and guess who has universal healthcare?  Most of the EU! Listening to you, it sounds like you want Europe's policies, while those have got Europe in an even bigger hole than the US is in! If you look at this country's history, it was manufacturing jobs that pulled people out of poverty. For the middle class to do better it took a college degree. Well look at what we are doing people. The system under the Republican Party is trying to take away the manufacturing jobs for the real poor in this country . . . thus giving them no hope . . .There are over 18 jobs bills passed by the House and stuck in the Senate because Harry Reid refuses to even let them come up for a vote!!! they are trying to make a college education so unaffordable for the middle class . . . thus taking away their hope . . . and they think this will ultimately better themselves because this will give them more power Sounds alot like talk from extreme right-wingers who suspect Obama's intentions; I ignore both.  I won't claim that Obama wishes America ill, I just know that he is doing a poor job of leading, and I chalk that up to a poor amount of executive experience, a failure of ideology, and lack of financial and economic knowledge. but in essense if you take away the hope of the poor and the hope of the middle class (the buying power of the whole pyramid, the true foundation of the economy), it will all come tumbling down . . . so if you are wondering . . . this is what is happening now. Plain and simple. It doesn't take a degree, it doesn't take a master's certificate, a rocket scientist to see this . . . it just takes common sense. Well here are your choices now .... you have a man who is running who wants to give power and hope back to the poor and middle class so the foundation gets stronger again after years and years of it getting pummeled on. Your other choice is voting for someone who will continue the policies that have done all the damage until there is nothing left of us. Did you ever wonder why many people call Obama Bush III?  Look at Obama's similarities to some of Bush's policies, except, when Obama copied Bush, Obama then did more and with a more damaging twist.  Obama IS continuing what has failed and he shows no signs of slowing, but looks like he'll be accelerating those poor choices if given the chance. I know my choice. I know my leader. It is President Obama and I will proudly pull the lever with his name on it on election day. It is an easy choice for me. Honestly, when you talk about someone who will help the middle class and make economic conditions better for the poor, it sounds like you are talking about Mitt Romney:  Obama may want to help them, but he does not know how...I'd like to see that acumen of Romney's that turned around the Olympics applied to America, I'd like to see someone who understands what business face to help American businesses, I'd like to see someone who has been serving and helping people his entire adult life, who also has executive expertise, financial knowledge, economic knowledge, and a deep attitude of fairness to lead.  That's why I am so excited and will be voting for Mitt Romney, 2012!!!


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by on Jun. 16, 2012 at 2:58 PM

LOL Most of what is in the health care plan is republican ideas.The Heritage Foundation and the republicans though most of it up and were all for it until the President wanted to pass it.If the republicans had passed it most republicans would be dancing in the streets.They were all for the single payer mandates.And this is Bob Doles and robme's bill.

by Bronze Member on Jun. 16, 2012 at 3:11 PM

Could you please site "the work that the President has tried to carry out" that was to be so helpful, to you, to everyone?

I don't see where the "commitment of healthcare for everyone" is a sincere endeavor. But I should preface that statement with the FACT that NOWHERE in the Constitution is the executive office given any power over health care. That might seem like a bitter pill to swallow when people are out of work and can't pay for individual healthcare, but, we can blame this president as well as his administration and the congress for contributing to the out-of-work situation.

This president is carrying on everything his predecessor did, including wars and torture, diminishing the rights of American citizens, and looking to increase taxes just like all the democrats and republicans alike love to do. Democrats and Republicans? Same party, essentially, just different means to the same united end. End. When your government contributes to your impoverishment by sending jobs overseas, discouraging corporations to hold business in the US, and then 'thoughtfully' offers to 'hand' you healthcare. Personally the govt sucks at managing our money and creating fair legislation, so I don't trust for a flying fig what they would do with our healthcare.


by Gold Member on Jun. 16, 2012 at 3:44 PM
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I might have read your comment if the font wasn't so big.

Quoting theyaremyheart:

OBAMA 2012 . . .

by Gold Member on Jun. 16, 2012 at 3:53 PM
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I shrunk and quoted just a small piece. We have healthcare through my husband's employer. For 30 years of our marriage we didn't pay for it, and it was GREAT insurance. For the last 4 years, maybe 5 the premiums have gone up EVERY year and the coverage has gone down. Our deductible has gone from $100 per person to $1000 per person. So do NOT tell me that healthcare through employers is a non-issue. It's a HELL of a BIG issue to me.

Funny thing about pre-existing conditions, my mom had breast to bone cancer, she switched employers during this and *gasp* was still covered. And that was back in the 1980's. As the gov't started regulating healthcare and insurance more, the quality went down, and the restrictions went up. And we want to put them in total control? SMH

If you are unemployed or low income you have options for your kids, like medicaid.

Quoting theyaremyheart:

 For those who still have jobs and healthcare through their employers, healthcare is a non-issue but for those who have lost their jobs and healthcare, it is an issue. For those with children with illnesses it is an issue. Thank God now children with pre-existing conditions like asthma must have access to health insurance.

by Socialist Hippie on Jun. 16, 2012 at 5:46 PM
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Pretty clear- most only care about themselves and how things will affect THEM (see many comments to this post).

Get the profiting middlemen out of HC and watch the prices fall.

Tort reform - LOL- the legal eagles are running the show-

by Gold Member on Jun. 16, 2012 at 8:53 PM
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I know what you mean! I was sick in Jan. and the doctor sent me for a cat scan. I didn't think about it until the bill came in. After the insurance discount since we have PPO, my portion was $544 and then $185 for the radiologist. That all went towards my deductible and came out of MY pocket. Sad thing is, my deductible isn't paid yet.

When our kids were young, ER visits were covered 100% with no co-pay and it didn't matter about the deductible. Now we pay more than ever for our insurance and ER is covered at 80% AFTER $1000 deductible and a $200 co-pay. The co-pay is waived if you're admitted. So for us to go to the ER it will be $1200 + 20%. And Urgent care? It's considered a "specialist" service with $50 copay instead of the $35. Our dr office does have an after hours clinic though and that would be our normal copay.

Quoting HoosierNative:

My mom has health insurance in her work. For the past 15 years she had the best health insurance ever. She saw doctors at the hospital where she worked, the only thing my father ever paid was a copay for a doc visit. 10 bucks. After this stupid bill was signed for health insurance, her premiums skyrocketed and she now has to pay 80% of her bill. She just had an ER visit that cost, for one doctor 544 dollars. Not to mention radiology, cardiology,  and the bill for the chart and triage from the hospital itself.The premiums will go up.

Just curious  OP, are you on his campaign staff or something? your post sounds like an ad you'd see on TV. lolll

Quoting DSamuels:

You do know that you will have to pay for your healthcare, right? And you will pay what they say you will pay, and if you don't you'll pay a fine.

I wouldn't be surprised if the monthly premium is the same or higher than a lot of people without healthcare now say they can't afford. It will be very interesting to see how much a month it ends up being, what the co-pays will be and what it will cover or not cover.

by Gold Member on Jun. 16, 2012 at 8:59 PM
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I also care about how it will affect others and I don't see Obamacare as a good thing. All the people cheering "now I'll be able to afford insurance" will probably have a rude awakening and WTF moment when they see how much their "affordable" care will cost them.

Get the gov't out of HC and watch the prices fall.

Quoting Sisteract:

Pretty clear- most only care about themselves and how things will affect THEM (see many comments to this post).

Get the profiting middlemen out of HC and watch the prices fall.

Tort reform - LOL- the legal eagles are running the show-

by on Jun. 16, 2012 at 10:00 PM
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Quoting theyaremyheart:

Do you know why your premiums keep going up? It has nothing to do with the expense of healthcare going up. It has to do with a profit based system for healthcare which we currently have. I don't believe that you should have some guy in a suit who never went to medical school getting rich off of insurance. My insurance for just me should not be almost $900 a month . . . they aren't paying even a month's worth on my health. It is a joke! I would love right now to get a massage or chiropractic adjustment to keep myself healthy but can't afford to because of what we call a good healthcare system. I would rather be able to spend some of that money on preventative care like eating good foods and a more natural approach to alleviate some stress from my life . . . I wish I could afford the organic food I know I should be eating . . . instead I am working hard just to hand my $900 over to a guy in a suit. Sorry, this doesn't make sense to me . . . unless of course I work for Cigna or one of the other big companies. 

Your info is wrong the guy in a suit a Doctor is NOT getting rich, there a lot of people between you and the Doctor and they need to get paid.
General practice, family practice, pediatricians, Obgyn, all of this doctors are not the one getting rich.
They put in the time to go to school for 13 years or more and get told you have to make less because some people are jealous, how stupid is that.

By the way you are paying to much you need to do some research.
by on Jun. 16, 2012 at 10:07 PM
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also I have to point out that with Obama he may not raise taxes but we will have to pay higher prices in food, gas, clothing and fees. This is how they go around to make you think you are not paying higher taxes but you are paying though the nose anyway.
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