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Pro-Lifer Romney Says Killing Embryos Is Okay

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Pro-Lifer Romney Says Killing Embryos Is Okay

July 2, 2012

For the purpose of clarification, an embryo is defined as: An organism in its early stages of development, especially before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form.

Flip-flopping Romney is going to have some explaining to do, again, after his recent statements to about destroying unused embryos from in vitro fertilization (IVF) where he stated, “I would, I would not outlaw it… I would allow, I would allow private laboratories and private institutions–as we currently do, and as the president does as well–to use these so-called surplus or embryos to be discarded.” Discarded is “killed”.

In February 2005, William B. Hurlbut, a dedicated pro-lifer and physician and professor at Stanford University Medical Center Neuroscience Institute met with Romney for several hours. Dr. Hurlbut adamantly stated on a pro-life , “He [Mitt Romney] declared himself pro-life and has repeatedly done so since that time.”

Not true. If it is true that Romney is pro-life and he has repeatedly affirmed that since 2005 [Romney himself states that he has been pro-life since November 2004], how can Romney rationalize the condoning of killing embryos less than two months ago? It is also an interesting fact that on May 16th Romney held a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser at the residence of Phil Frost, who is the executive of Teva Pharmaceuticals that makes the Morning After Contraceptive Pill.
Mitt Romney has said that he supports the reversal of Roe versus Wade and told Mike Huckabee at Fox on October 10th, 2011 that he would support the Amendment To The Massachusetts Constitution That Would Have Established Life At Conception.

Romney recently had twin grandsons and four other grandchildren all conceived through in vitro fertilization and carried to term in the womb of an unknown surrogate. In a Fox News Sunday interview with Chris Wallace in February 2005, Romney stated. “If you’re creating new life, simply to destroy it, you’ve gone across a bright red ethical boundary.”

It is standard procedure for surplus embryos to be created during the IVF procedure, yet Romney states that if that life is being created, “simply to destroy it”, which is the reality whether they are “disposed” of, harvested for stem cells, or used in research, then that “bright red ethical boundary” has been crossed, has it not? What about women who undergo an early term abortion and want to donate the embryo for stem cell research? How is it that they have crossed a line, but IVF clinics have not?

It is even more of a paradox that Bain Capital invested in Stericycle, a disposal company that helps in the disposal of aborted fetuses and despite Bain Officials adamant statements that Mitt was not involved with the investment company during that time, Mother Jones uncovered documents filed by Bain and Stericycle with the Securities and Exchange Commission that lists Romney as an active participant in the investment of $75 million into that company. I wonder what other embryo-disposing skeleton is in Romney’s closet. That would help to explain his divided loyalties and inability to nail a stand on issues related to pro-life.

by on Jul. 3, 2012 at 12:42 PM
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by Gold Member on Jul. 5, 2012 at 4:37 AM

Hmmm, well as a conservative I can see both sides of the abortion issue after talking with many women about it.  I don't feel the need to demonize or dehumanize a woman who has an abortion.  It's one of the visible examples of how government cannot solve every problem.  IMO the majority of society's problems and triumphs are determined by individual choices, and the culture created by those choices. (FTR that does not mean we should dismiss the role of government when it is appropriate, though, or insist on consistency and propriety where government is already involved.)

IMO one of the biggest problems regarding the relationship between the government and the public is voter resignation.  People should be more involved, IMO.  They will be more involved when they know they can have an impact.  That's one of the many reasons that state rights are so critical.  The more top-heavy and centralized government becomes, the wider the gap between real people and their government.

Quoting Kate_Momof3:

What's even more alarming is that so many of them have been convinced by their religious leaders (MEN) that those of us who are pro-choice are literally possessed by demons or malevolent spirits. By doing that, they accomplish a couple of things:

1. They have been convinced that because we are being manipulated by outside forces, our opinions and life experiences that brought us to those opinions are completely invalid and false.

2. By convincing themselves that everything we support is evil, they are automatically on the "good" side and there is NO possibility of understanding or WANTING to  understand where we are coming from. This is battle of good versus evil and there are souls to be saved. We are either saved or damned.

This is nothing, imo, but brainwashing and cultish behavior. It's spreading and I fear that if the economy doesn't improve and people start to dispair, THESE are the institutions they will turn to. What happened in Afghanistan was no isolated incident, it can happen anywhere and it was the direct result of economic instability.

Quoting bluespagan:

 That is correct! 

This is what surprises me about conservative/right wing women, they are fighting against the rights, protections and freedoms they have.  It is as though they want them taken away. 

You would think this story comes from the Middle East or some third world country but it doesn't.  It comes straight from the US. 

Quoting Kate_Momof3:

So in Mississippi a law that was enacted to protect fetuses from harm from a THIRD party, ie an abusive boyfriend or husband is being used to prosecute women who have substance abuse problems while pregnant?

One man has been prosecuted under this law, while over 300 women have been or currently being prosecuted.

And the right continues to deny that women aren't being slowly turned into second class citizens through this kind of legislation. Myopic at best.

Thanks for the article.

Quoting bluespagan:

 Yes I do. 

I also know that certain states will ban abortion outright if given the chance.  Or did you not hear about the Mississippi case of the teenage girl who was sent to jail when she delivered a stillborn baby.  The courts decided that she had killed the baby because before she knew she was pregnant she did drugs.

Yeah that state sounds like it is all about equal and consitutionally protected rights for all.  And you want to give them the power to tell a woman whether she can or cannot have an abortion.  No thank you, I will stick with Roe V Wade.

The most pressing social issue today is the economy

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