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I am SO sick of the "Without Food stamps, all those people would go hungry" argument. I call BS

Anyone going hungry in this country is doing so by choice. I know this sounds harsh but the truth/reality is not always pretty. Too many people are just looking for a handout.

If you are getting your hair or nails done at a salon, you don't deserve PA. If you (or anyone in your home) have "Bling" or your car "Goes Boom", you don't deserve PA. If you have more than basic television or big screen TVs and video game consoles in your home, YOU DON'T DESERVE PA. If you have a handbag that could buy enough rice and beans to feed your family for a week, YOU DON'T DESERVE PA. 

Clean a friends house/apartment = $50 minimum (we pay our housekeeper $20 an hour, 4 hours to do a regular cleaning). If a friend was needing money to feed themselves or their family, I wouldn't think twice about letting them replace my housekeeper for a week to earn some food money.

Mow a yard - $25 minimum. I would gladly let a neighborhood kid do our yard, or a friend if they needed money.

Wash a car - $40 for a wash and vacuum. We have 4 vehicles that I would happily pay a friend in need to clean for me and see them earn some money to feed their family.

Here are a couple pictures I took at the local grocery store. Every job I mentioned above requires No special skills and would earn someone some money, spent wisely on items like in these pictures could feed a family for weeks.

by on Jul. 13, 2012 at 7:42 PM
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by Silver Member on Jul. 17, 2012 at 11:38 PM

Not sure what you mean here?

Quoting Della529:

 "Sillytime", is that you?

Quoting ExecutiveChick:

No, that's not at all what I am saying and frankly, you just proved that FS is a scam with your example, there are options out there.

If someone is so useless to society that they haven't contributed to Social Security to receive benefits, and that they have nothing they can sell or do to raise money, and they have no friends or family willing to help them, and they can't get help from a church or VOLONTEER group/food pantry... Who the heck are these people??? What kind of person has burned this many bridges and is this useless???

I posted pictures showing that $5 can feed an individual for weeks. WEEKS! If someone can't come up with $5 to eat. EAT! The very simplest of survival instincts, then what value does this type of person add to society? COME ON! If you can't get anyone you have ever known to give you $5 to avoid starvation, give you $5 just because they know you and feel $5 is worth allowing you to eat and live for just a couple more weeks, why on earth should I feel bad for this hypothetical person???

Hell, even the people I dislike the most in this world, I would give $5 just to go away.

Quoting shimamab:

I see. So if someone doesn't have the privilege of knowing a kind benefactor, they must be awful and deserve to starve? Their children also deserve to starve? If they live in an area where resources are stretched thin, too bad? The little town I live in runs a food pantry. It's literally the size of a pantry. Local families (they have to show id and are tracked on a computer) can pick up one bag of food for each fam member present. They are allowed to do this every OTHER week. The food is prepacked into bags and no consideration is given for dietary restrictions or food allergies. Now this is just one resource...there are many churches where I live...but it's an example of how smaller or rural communities may not have the means that bigger, metro areas do

Quoting ExecutiveChick:

I will answer this question with another question...

If someone can't take care of themselves, and they have no friends or family, community or church willing to help them out, you have to ask WHY? What has this person done to alienate everyone in their life so much that everyone that ever knew them would allow them to starve to death?

And, if every single person that these people ever knew would rather just let them die, why the hell should I, a total stranger care to foot the bill for these people?

Quoting shimamab:

So we all know there's fraud and people misusing their PA. There are also those who truly need it and don't know anyone who can kick them down some cash for services. How many people are you willing to let suffer in order to teach those who take advantage a lesson?


by on Jul. 18, 2012 at 8:47 AM

well, we barely qualified for them. I guess if they raise the limit, we'd probably go ahead and sign up for it ourselves, however we really don't go to the doctor for ourselves often, and our job is in a small business and for us having other insurance would be like having another mortgage. We might would just pay the penalty, to be honest, if we don't get on medicaid. I hate to say that, but we just can't afford another mortgage. 
We're hoping and trying to sell the old house, and once we're fully in the new house we're planning on starting a big garden so that most of our grocery bill will be taken care of. As much as we can get off of assistance, we will.

However, I do agree with the OP. I see people all the time on assistance, getting a pedicure every week. I actually was behind a person in line who got a huge steak dinner with all this junk food, and paid for it with food stamps. I think that if you need assistance, use it. Don't abuse it, and work towards getting off of it as soon as you can.  

Quoting Della529:

 Yet you say, "yay thanks for posting this!"

You apparently won't be affected by the new healthcare bill; you'll still be on MEDICAID.  Only it won't simply be for your children, but for you and your DH, too.

Quoting mommy2b39465:

yay thanks for posting this!

I will admit, we do have medicaid and WIC for the boys, but as it stands we pay in with every single paycheck, so I really don't feel too bad about getting just a little of that back. We currently have 2 mortgages, and especially without medicaid, we'd really be in a pickle with the new healthcare bill. If they start cutting people, I fully expect to be one of the firsts to go. However, right now that little extra is a huge blessing, and allows us to do the things we want for our kids.

I get annoyed with friends when they say "We can't pay our bills, so we can't go out to dinner unless you pay for us!" I've so far been really good at holding my tongue. I know for a fact that the DH, who works at walmart, was recently offered a promotion and a raise, and turned it down b/c that's 'not his end goal'. He also spends all his free time playing WOW, comic books, and Magic cards. 


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