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Herman Cain: Gays Protesting Chick-fil-A Are Just Seeking Attention

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Herman Cain: Gays Protesting Chick-fil-A Are Just Seeking Attention

Herman Cain, the onetime GOP presidential frontrunner, weighed into the Chick-fil-A controversy during an appearance on Fox News on Friday and insisted that gay people are protesting the company’s opposition to equality for attention.

“This is simply an attempt on the part of the gay community to try and leverage their beliefs on another institution, a private company, since they can’t seem to get enough attention. That is what this is all about,” Cain told host Eric Bolling. Watch it:

Cain, who claimed that he spoke with Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, said that the company’s sales exceeded $30 million during Wednesday’s “appreciation day,” “almost twice his previous high.” “They are going do take a lot of the excess profits they got on that day and contribute it to the charitable organizations they support in even bigger numbers,” Cain added.

The fast food chain has already donated millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations, including “reparative therapy” groups like Exodus International. Chick-fil-A is one of a very small number of major national companies that refuses to offer any employment protections to LGBT employees. In fact, the company received a 0 rating from the Human Rights Campaign and has a record of firing employees it believes engage in “sinful” behavior. Activists from across the country are protesting the company after its president condemned homosexuality in a recent radio interview.

On Thursday, Cain appeared on Fox News and praised Cathy for being “man enough and Christian enough” to oppose same-sex marriage.

by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 5:30 PM
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by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:22 AM

GJ #3


Government spends too much because it does too much. Unchecked deficits are the single greatest threat to our national security. Unless we take significant steps soon, our federal debt will equal the entire economic production of the United States.

We must fundamentally reassess the role of the federal government, always asking the question: Should the government be doing this in the first place? That reassessment should begin with the President submitting a truly balanced budget in 2013.

We must act now to:


Balance the Budget

THE U.S. IS BORROWING OR PRINTING MORE than 40 cents of every dollar the government spends today. The math is simple: Federal spending must be cut not by millions or billions, but by trillions. And it must be done today.

It's time to:
  • Submit a Balanced Budget to Congress, not five or ten years down the road, but in 2013.
  • End excessive spending, bloated stimulus programs, unnecessary farm subsidies, and earmarks.
  • Reassess the role of the federal government and identify responsibilities that can be met more efficiently by the private sector.
  • Recognize that you can't have limited government at home, but big government abroad.


Enact Responsible Entitlement Reform

MOST PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON SEEM TO THINK that we can control spending and balance the budget without reforming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This is lunacy.

  • Identify and implement common-sense cost savings to place Medicare on a path toward long-term solvency.
  • Block grant Medicare and Medicaid funds to the states, allowing them to innovate, find efficiencies and provide better service at lower cost.
  • Repeal President Obama's healthcare plan, as well as the failed Medicare prescription drug benefit.
  • Fix Social Security by changing the escalator from being based on wage growth to inflation. It's time for Social Security to reflect today's realities without breaking trust with retirees.


Audit the Federal Reserve

THE FEDERAL RESERVE SHOULD BE TRANSPARENT and its actions held to the same level of scrutiny as any other federal department.

  • The American people deserve to know the extent to which the Fed has purchased private assets at home and abroad.
  • Many Americans have become interested in the Federal Reserve in recent years. America's representatives in Washington, D.C. need to also become a lot more interested in how this government institution affects the American economy.
  • The role and the activities of the Federal Reserve are long overdue for examination, reassessment, and ultimately, thoughtful reform. Can the Federal Reserve pursue both stable prices and full employment, or does its currency manipulation cause malinvestment, inflation, and prolonged unemployment?
  • Conduct an audit to provide true transparency of the Federal Reserve's lending practices.
  • Establish clear Congressional oversight.
  • Get the Federal Reserve out of the business of printing money and buying debt through quantitative easing.
by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:23 AM



American education is at a crossroads.

We can either choose to continue down the path of higher costs, poorer results, and top-down thinking, or challenge the status quo by using what actually works rather than what we wish would work.

The problem is public education in America is now doing less with more. This is unsustainable for our pocketbooks and, most importantly, unfair to our children.

Now, imagine an educational system that not only educates students better, but also does it for less money every year. It would give each American child the opportunity to choose an individualized education to realize his or her dreams.

Rethinking Education


Give Education Back to Parents and Teachers


  • All parents should have an opportunity to choose which school their children attend.
  • Putting educational funds in the hands of the people who use them gives parents and students a vote as to which schools are best and which need to improve.
  • Our children deserve the chance to succeed educationally, but the same old way of thinking won't cut it. It's time to free individuals and states from burdensome federal mandates and regulations so they can pursue the right educational strategies for their students.


End the Department of Education

ALTHOUGH IT MAY SOUND DRASTIC, THERE ARE practical reasons why it should be considered.

  • The Department of Education grants each state 11 cents out of every dollar it spends on education. Unfortunately, every dollar of this money comes with 16 cents of strings attached. States that accept federal funding lose five cents for every dollar spent on education to pay for federal mandates and regulations, taking millions of dollars out of the classroom.
  • Schools should have the authority to decide how best to spend educational dollars. Without federal regulations and mandates, schools could choose to purchase new computers, better lab equipment, and maintain after-school sports and music programs even during times of tight budgets.
  • Once citizens and their local representatives have the freedom to decide how their educational funds will be spent, they can consider innovations that will drive student choice, educational competition, and better results.
by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:25 AM

GJ #5


Despite our best efforts at enforcement, education and interdiction, people continue to use and abuse illegal drugs.

The parallels between drug policy today and Prohibition in the 1920’s are obvious, as are the lessons our nation learned. Prohibition was repealed because it made matters worse. Today, no one is trying to sell our kids bathtub gin in the schoolyard and micro-breweries aren’t protecting their turf with machine guns. It’s time to apply that thinking to marijuana. By making it a legal, regulated product, availability can be restricted, under-age use curtailed, enforcement/court/incarceration costs reduced, and the profit removed from a massive underground and criminal economy.

By managing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco – regulating, taxing and enforcing its lawful use – America will be better off.  The billions saved on marijuana interdiction, along with the billions captured as legal revenue, can be redirected against the individuals committing real crimes against society.

Getting Smart about Drugs


The History Is Clear

AMERICANS WERE PROMISED IN THE 1970'S AND 1980's that hefty enforcement budgets and tougher sentences would lead to less crime and drug abuse.

  • We have all been raised to believe that there are only two camps in the drug policy universe -- "pro-drug" and "anti-drug" -- and that any person who does not support the "War on Drugs" is automatically "pro-drug." This simply isn't the case.
  • Since only criminal gangs and cartels are willing to take the risks associated with large-scale black market distribution, the War on Drugs has made a lot of dangerous people and organizations very rich and very powerful.
  • The same happened with Alcohol Prohibition (1920-1933). Prohibition had only a minimal effect on the desire of Americans to drink (in some cases, it clearly made drinking more attractive), but pushing alcohol underground had other effects: overdose deaths, gang violence, and other prohibition-related harms increased dramatically during the Prohibition years.


Make Marijuana Legal

OVER A MILLION AND A HALF AMERICANS were arrested last year on drug charges, and nearly 40% of those arrests were for marijuana possession alone. Does this make sense?

  • A recent Gallup poll reports that 46% of Americans now agree that marijuana should be legalized, a dramatic increase in support that reflects Americans' increased knowledge and understanding of the issue. Proposals to regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol have been considered in several states, and Governor Johnson has supported those efforts; he believes the federal government should end its prohibition mandate and allow each state to pursue its own desired policy.
  • Governor Johnson believes it is insane to arrest roughly 800,000 people a year for choosing to use a natural substance that is, by any reasonable objective standard, less harmful than alcohol, a drug that is advertised at every major sporting event.
  • As Governor Johnson often points out to concerned parents, "it will never be legal for a person to smoke marijuana, become impaired, and get behind the wheel of a car or otherwise do harm to others, and it will never be legal for kids to smoke marijuana." But we have to understand that marijuana is our nation's #1 cash crop despite the prohibition; it will always be available to those who really wish to use it.
  • When polled, high school kids say marijuana is easier to get than alcohol. Perhaps this is because they buy from black market dealers who do not ask for ID?
  • Legalization of marijuana would instantly and dramatically improve conditions on our southern border. Marijuana is Mexico's #1 illegal export; legalizing it would result in dramatically reducing the power and wealth of the drug lords, and instantly helping to restore stability in a nation whose stability and sustainability is truly vital to our economic and national security interests. If we truly wish to reduce border violence, take the profit out of it.


Harm Reduction

BEFORE WE CAN GET SERIOUS ABOUT REDUCING the harms associated with drugs, we have to accept that there will never be a drug-free society.

  • To create a drug-free society, we'd have to build a police apparatus so intrusive that all Americans would have to be under surveillance 24 hours a day... presumably for their own good. Would citizens of the "land of the free" ever stand for that?
  • Abuse of hard drugs is a health problem that should be dealt with by health experts, not a problem that should be clogging up our courts, jails, and prisons with addicts. Instead of continuing to arrest and incarcerate drug users, we should seriously consider the examples of countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands, and we should ultimately choose to adopt policies which aim to reduce death, disease, violence, and crime associated with dangerous drugs.
  • Honest, effective education will be key to succeeding with this transition. America has cut teen cigarette use in half, not by criminalizing possession and use, but through a combination of honest education and sensible regulation.
  • We can never totally eliminate drug addiction and drug abuse. We can, however, minimize these harms and reduce the negative effects they have on society by making sure drug abusers are able to access effective treatment options (jail is not an effective treatment option).

by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:27 AM

GJ #6


“The government cannot pick and choose which of our constitutional rights it must uphold. That applies to the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms. It means what it says – and for good reason. Restricting gun rights, whether at the federal, state or local levels, results only in denying rights to law-abiding citizens while leaving criminals and those who would do us harm free to do what they do: Break the law..”


Treat 2nd Amendment Rights

TREAT 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS AS THE INDIVIDUAL constitutional rights they are.

Many argue that the 2nd Amendment doesn't really apply to individuals. Would those same people suggest that rights to free speech, association or religious freedom don't apply to individuals?


Our Freedom


From the United Nations to city council chambers across the nation, gun rights are constantly under attack from those who believe, mistakenly, that restricting our right to own firearms legally will somehow make us safer.

by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:28 AM

GJ #8


Maintaining a strong national defense is the most basic of the federal government’s responsibilities. However, building schools, roads, and hospitals in other countries are not among those basic obligations. Yet that is exactly what we have been doing for much of the past 10 years.

Given trillion-dollar deficits, America simply cannot afford to be engaged in foreign policy programs that are not clearly protecting U.S. interests. There is nation-building and rebuilding to be done right here at home.

Our military should remain the most potent force for good on Earth. To do this, we should resort to military action as the last option and only as provided in the Constitution.


Bring the Troops Home

AMERICAN MILITARY ACTIVITIES IN AFGHANISTAN SHOULD END, our troops returned home, and the focus of our foreign policy reoriented toward the protection of U.S. citizens and interests.

  • With Osama bin Laden now killed and after 10 years of fighting, U.S. forces should leave Afghanistan's challenges to the Afghan people.
  • Decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, American troops remain scattered throughout Europe. It is time to reevaluate these deployments.
  • The U.S. must make better use of military alliances which allow greater sharing of the human and financial burdens at less cost of protecting national interests.


Lead By Example

AMERICA CAN ACHIEVE OUR FOREIGN POLICY GOALS without sacrificing American values.

  • No criminal or terrorist suspect captured by the U.S. should be subject to physical or psychological torture.
  • Individuals incarcerated unjustly by the U.S. should have the ability to seek compensation through the courts.
  • Individuals detained by the U.S., whether it be at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, must be given due process via the courts or military tribunals, and must not be held indefinitely without regard to those fundamental processes.
by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:30 AM

GJ #7


America is a land of immigrants. Legal immigration should focus on making it easier and simpler for willing workers to come here with a temporary work visa, pay taxes, contribute to society, and fill jobs as the market demands.

As the former governor of a southern border state, I know fences and walls do not keep out illegal immigrants. Real border security means knowing who is coming here and why.

With workable employer verification systems, smarter border enforcement, and common sense, a national problem can be turned into a national benefit.



The U.S. must adopt two approaches:


Simplify Legal Immigration

LEGAL IMMIGRATION STRENGTHENS AMERICA'S ECONOMY AND THE social fabric. It will also strengthen our relationship with our southern neighbor Mexico.

  • It should be easier for a potential immigrant to get a work visa. Potential immigrants should pass a background check, and then be issued a Social Security card, which would allow them to pay income, payroll, and all other taxes workers pay.
  • There should be a two-year grace period for illegal immigrants to attain work visas so they can continue contributing to America and begin taking part in American society openly.
  • Immigrants with temporary work visas should have access to the normal procedures for gaining permanent status and citizenship, and should be able to bring their families to the U.S. after demonstrating ability to support them financially.


Tackle Illegal Immigration


  • Legalizing marijuana will reduce border violence and illegal immigration significantly, decreasing the U.S.-Mexican drug trade by 70 percent. Without a monopoly on the marijuana trade, Mexican drug cartels will have vastly diminished incentives to violate U.S. law and risk capture.
  • Streamline the legal immigration process to reduce illegal immigration and allow the U.S. to know who enters the country and for what reasons.
by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:32 AM


Gary Johnson has been an outspoken advocate for efficient government, balanced budgets, rational drug policy reform, protection of civil liberties, comprehensive tax reform, and personal freedom.

  • 1994

    Gary Johnson announced his gubernatorial run under a "common sense business approach"

  • 1994

    Gary Johnson elected governor of New Mexico, beating incumbent 50% to 40%

  • 1995

    Governor Johnson set state and national records by vetoing 200 bills out of the 424 that were passed by the Legislature

  • 1998

    Ran for re-election against Democratic Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez

  • 1998

    Won reelection by a 45% to 55% margin despite a 2-1 Democrat majority

  • 2002

    Term-Limited, Governor Johnson finished his second term as a Governor



  • Left office with New Mexico as one of the only four states in the country with a balanced budget
  • Left New Mexico with a budget surplus
  • Used Line Item Veto thousands of times to trim the budget
  • Vetoed 750 bills during his time in office; more than all other governors combined
  • Cut over 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone
  • Created more than 20,000 new jobs
  • First New Mexico Governor to challenge education status quo and propose statewide voucher program
  • Restored State General Fund reserves to more than $222 million from a low of $28.1 million
  • Limited annual state budget growth to 5.0% during eight years in office
  • Cut taxes 14 times while never raising them—a first for New Mexico
  • Vetoed 32% of the total number of bills submitted for his signaturev
by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:51 AM

My personal views on GJ.

He is experienced and has a proven track record of leadership in government in a small, southern. border state.

He is an advocate for civil liberties and not a bought and paid for corporate mouthpiece.

He is supports reducing government meddling and payouts (see above) for special interest$. I concur!

I agree with his approach on the economy, although I think taxes will need to be raised to accomplish such goals. Reagan even raised taxes 3Xs-

All entitlements need to be reviewed- top to bottom.

The fed needed an audit, yesterday.

Education does need to be retooled and augmented to reflect and satisfy today's job market, not some bygone era. Parents do need more choice and voice in the process.

GJ stands behind the ideals of the COTUS.

I agree with his approach to foreign policy and withdrawal of more troops. War should beyond our last solution/intervention. There are less deadly approaches that must be exhausted first. We can no longer be the world's police.

Immigration is a strong suit for him and he has some great thoughts in terms of retooling the legal process for legal immigration. As the former Gov of a border state, he has practical experience in this area. I also have recent, personal experience in this area. It is a very tough endeavour, even for those who are legally married to an American citizen.

As an Independent voter, a live and let live approach works well, IMO. GJ supports that approach.

He is well beyond legally MJ...that's just a knee jerk deflection.

by Socialist Hippie on Aug. 5, 2012 at 6:56 PM

Bumping for zilla

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 7:00 PM


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