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Schmanky Promises

Posted by on Sep. 19, 2012 at 2:55 AM
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How come we always get candidates (presidential, senatorial and congressional) who give us all these schmanky promises of things they either won't do, can't do, or aren't even given express powers to do by the Constitution?

The first Bush said "no new taxes". But oh, there were new taxes.

Clinton promised to fix the deficit. Well, he did..but he robbed social security to do it. Then he promised new jobs but what he "created" were minimum paying jobs not substantial enough to be a sole livelihood.

The younger Bush..ugh, do I need to go there? No WMD, bs wars, and he is not the one to find bin laden.

Obama? Never brought the troops home, didn't close Guantanamo, didn't create jobs (can a president create jobs? I mean, other than WP jobs?)

These guys need to be realistic. But I fear they don't really want to do the kinds of things within their power that they CAN do, to fix things for us and make the middle class (which is most of us) happy.

I have some suggestions:

First, throw out the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a private bank that uses our printing presses but charges us to print the paper money we use. Since Nixon took us off the gold standard, it's backed by nothing. They print as much as they want, which drives inflation. We go broke and end up having to "borrow" money from them, subsequently paying interest. To a private bank. That controls all of our money. Without much oversight.

Second, repeal the amendment to the Constitution that allows the government to levy income taxes against us. This is not something that always was. In fact, this amendment came about I think a year after we started using the Federal Reserve to handle our money.

Third, fire anybody from office who supports bailing out banks and big corporations. Why are we responsible for their failures? And, bailing doesn't help us out because, as with the auto manufacturers and the airlines who cried for money so they wouldn't have to lay people off --- they laid off people and/or moved out of this country anyway ---after getting their bailout.

Fourth, force the federal government out of education. Leave educational instruction /policies/procedures and curriculum for the states to handle. That way, if your schools in your state suck, you can move to another state. Competition!

Fifth, get them out of our healthcare! If we have no income tax to pay, and our money is real, then we'd be well off enough to pay for health care personally. Of course, along with getting them out of the business of health care, we'd want them to inject regulations so that medical equipment companies, hospitals and rehabs, treatment plans, and pharmaceutial companies couldn't price gouge (which gets passed to consumers).

Sixth, war. What the heck are we doing in all these backward little countries with sand dunes and military comprised of a couple guys with bandanas driving pick up trucks with a flame thrower in the back? They have no might against us as a whole. Save lives, save money...bring them home. No one's doing anything to us. We're making our military be the bullies on the playground.

Within the two major parties, as advertized in this manufactured dichotomy of left and right, there is no substance.

by on Sep. 19, 2012 at 2:55 AM
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