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Now..this is what I call a "war" on women.

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Will New ‘Democratic’ Egyptian Constitution Allow 9-Year-Old Girls to Marry?

Egyptian Cleric Yassir Barhami Says 9 Year Old Girls Can Marry | Constitution

Egypt's Yassir Barhami says 9-year-old girls should be permitted to marry. (Photo via BikyaMasr)

An ultraconservative Egyptian cleric– who is part of the committee drafting Egypt’s new constitution– is suggesting the country drastically lower the age limit at which girls can marry, Egyptian media is reporting.

According to BikyaMasr, cleric Yassir Barhami cited the Koran in stating that once a girl begins menstruating, usually around 14-years-old, she should begin having children.

Therefore, he reportedly explained, “it is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry.”

United Press international adds:

Barhami is a Salafist, a member of the ultra-conservative wing of Islam.


Manal al-Taibi, who resigned from the constituent assembly to protest calls for a lower marriage age, said Barhami and his allies want to legalize child rape. [Emphasis added]

It should be noted that Barhami‘s position doesn’t seem to be popular within the assembly, but as moderates resign or are pressured to leave, there are fewer voices to balance the fanatical Salafists.

Reuters related Thursday:

A group of high profile liberal and leftwing politicians in Egypt has said it will quit the assembly charged with drafting the country’s new constitution within a week unless its concerns over Islamist-influenced content in the document are addressed.

The constitution – which is being drawn up by a 100-member assembly – is meant to be the centerpiece of a new democratic Egypt after veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak was ousted last year and its successful drafting is being seen as a litmus test for its new Islamist rulers including President Mohamed Mursi. [Emphasis added]

Ahmed al-Boraie, a former labor minister, summarized his complaints, commenting: “This is a constitution that brings Egypt backwards not forward.”

by on Sep. 30, 2012 at 11:16 AM
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by Ruby Member on Oct. 3, 2012 at 11:17 PM
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Quoting rccmom:

That has nothing really to do with the separation of church and state. Obama reiterates that we have freedom of speech in this country, even regarding religion.

Goodnight and sleep well.

Quoting Ednarooni160:

Quoting rccmom:

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Quoting rccmom:

Quoting Ednarooni160:

Quoting rccmom:

Quoting Ednarooni160:

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Quoting Ednarooni160:

Quoting gsprofval:

YIKES!!! That would be terrible for little girls who have no idea what sex even is let alone possibly having a child at age 9. Hope it doesn't go through.

Strange isn't it how  some are against Christianity but they seem to be okay with Sharia and this mentality..

Strange how some are completely okay with basing our laws on religion, ie a very conservative form of Christianity, but find other govts basing their laws on their conservative religious concepts as wrong.

When ANY religion is okay with maiming, killing, and/or offering up children in a YOUNG age..I find it wrong.. I don't care what country does it, and I certainly don't want it for this country..

And that is one reason why we have separation between religion and the govt. That is why it is wrong to base laws solely on religious reasoning. In this it is easy to see that it is wrong, but it is also wrong in this country to not allow gays to marry for solely religious reasons. I know you probably don't see it that way because you agree with the religious doctrine against homosexuality. Every religion has its extreme factions. You don't agree with allowing 9yr old girls to marry, but he is only trying to follow his religion, just as those who say homosexuals should not be allowed to marry for religious reasons are only trying to follow theirs.   

Is there some law in a Christian doctrine that you know of that promotes the KILLING of gays..because I'm not seeing it.

The law in the OP is about regulating marriage. The laws we have against gay marriage in this country are about regulating marriage. I am not sure why you are talking about killing???? I am trying to stay on the topic of religion being used to formulate civil law, as is happening with the OP.

I'm not going to get into a gay marriage discussion with you.. I respect "everyone" until they give me reason not to respect them..that doesn't mean I'm for gay marriage. You are talking about adults marrying vs 9 year olds marrying..that doesn't even equate..(imo)..

Of course it is not on the same level. However, there are definite similarities, whether you recognize them or not. Once again,this is one good reason why we are supposed to have separation between church and state. Respect is nice, but equality under the law is even nicer.

 If someone says to me.."it has NOTHING to do with religion..I just want to be able to marry a 9 year old..keep relgion out of it..I should agree?

No, just as if somone wanted to kill another human being, but did not want to bring religion into it. There are other ways to evaluate whether or not something should be legal without a solely religious standard. The FFs had seen how religion had been used abusively by the state, and so they were wary of mixing the 2.

Funny you saying this and yet Obama is apologizing all over the place to muslims over their religious outrage..go figure..

You too..have a good one.. : )

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