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In Case You Missed it, the Obama vs Romney Debate in Full, Video

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Here it is:


The next debate will be VP candidates Biden and Ryan, then back to Obama vs Romney on foreign policy for the last two.


by on Oct. 4, 2012 at 4:40 AM
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by Gold Member on Oct. 6, 2012 at 9:06 AM


Quoting MsDenuninani:

 You know - and I realize everything I say here will sound like backpedaling in hindsight, but I am trying to be honest here - he's never been a good debater.

I didn't pay attention a lot to the primary debates in 08, but the stuff I read all said that he was a horrible debater who got better over time, but at his best, he still wasn't really that great  And then he debated McCain in the actual election - and McCain isn't known to be very good either.  He doesn't not know how to sound like a professor, and his general oratorical style is more suited to the big, grand speech, not compressed into two minute soundbytes.

A friend told me today that it sounded like a businessperson debating a college professor, and I agree.  And a businessperson in that scenario will always sound better than a professor.

Also -- and I know this will sound partisan, but I do think it's valid -- I don't think he expected Romney to sound as reasonable as he did.  Romney sounded more like he did running for Mass governer, and Obama - and those who prepared him - may have been expecting something different.

I heard a pundit say something similar to what you said -- about not being challenged as POTUS -- but if it's true, than I'm really pissed, because Obama's handlers should have gotten him over that.  At the debate, it's less important what you say (I think) than how you look, and Romney just looked more presidential, and for that, Obama has no excuse.  He's the president -- he should have sounded like one.

Yeah, I think we'll see something different the next time.  But, honestly, I'm most looking forwad to the VP debates.  I think Ryan will be an excellent debater, and who knows what will come out of Biden's mouth?  I expect to be entertained, if nothing else. :-) 

 It's definitely true that oratory skills are not the same as debate skills.  I was not surprised at all, and there is no cognitive dissonance when people say "Massachusetts Mitt" was at the debate.  People seem to overlook the conservative side of Romney's record as Massachusetts Governor because it was watered down by a 85% Democrat legislature.  But, look carefully, he really was conservative then, and still is.

The great thing about that for EVERYbody, IMO, is that he has his head on right regarding business and economic growth and he is a relentless problem-solver. Everybody will benefit from less-hindered and enhanced growth, less waste and less inefficiency.  Hence my siggy:)

The most damaging thing about Obama IMO is that his leadership has been very much like his debate performance.  I didn't mean to be harsh, but yea, that's my impression of him.  (I'd love to hear your input on this post, btw, particularly if you disagree.)

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